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Papa & Crazy Me

We are a crazy family of 9, living in the gorgeous Arizona desert, who put our faith in the Lord to direct our path and get us though each fabulous moment.  Papa and I don't know anyone famous.  Tending 7 children, I don't actually have much time for adult conversation, unless you count the teenagers.  The blog is my substitute for this.  Egocentric soccer-mom psycho-blather to include-

----parenting in a large family


----photography tips

----tips and tricks for busy mamas

----a never-ending laundry pile

----Vietnamese recipes

----raising special need's kiddos

----more laundry

----the beautiful state of Arizona

----temporary yet repetitive loss of sanity

----some more laundry

----and never having any kiddos that actually play soccer

This isn't actually a picture of us.  We're far thinner and have peaches-n-cream complexions.  
And oh yea... we're much younger too.
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