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Who me?

Gotta question?  A concern?  Wanna do an intervention?
I'm right here.
All day long.  
I don't really go anywhere... except to the laundry room and back... a lot. But I don't think that really counts.


  1. Got to your blog via my daughter while reading hers (His Triumphal Procession). Laughed, cried, and so very much enjoyed your posts. Love the photography-have been praying about taking a class to further my skills! Thrilled to see your offerings.

  2. Nancy, I see you are on vacation. When you get back, could you give me your opinion on what camera I should buy? I've never shot with a DSLR so I'm a pure newbie. However, I don't want to outgrow the camera within a year. Sams Club has some bundles that includes some additional lens, but I don't know what the number means!!


  3. hi Nancy... I found your blog back this summer and I have gone back and read it from almost the beginning. your photography is breathtaking. and your family is beautiful. I was contacting you to see if you do maternity photos. my dad used to be a professional photographer. he was the president of the phoenix professional photographers association for quite a while. he loved it, lived and breathed it really. but he has Alzheimer's now and has lost his love and know-how for it. he still loves to look at beautiful photography. I have shown him your blog and your beautiful pictures many times. he enjoys them very much. somehow, my husband and myself have found our selves pregnant. completely out of the blue, and totally unexpected. but we are so excited and over the moon with the pregnancy. we have a 8 year old daughter, that we took us four years to get. we went through years of infertility treatments. after four long years, we were blessed with a little girl. so you can imagine our surprise when we found ourselves pregnant! but I guess what I am trying to say is, I would love for you to take maternity photos of my little growing family. my dad used to take our photos, and since he can't, I would love to have beautiful photos to show him. I would be willing to pay you, and I am not due until august 2014. I live in Chandler, Az.
    thank you in advance
    jill b

  4. Hi Nancy,
    A friend of mine was recently referred twins from Shangrao. I was wondering if I can share your blog and email with her? She is curious about places to stay and eat there, and also the orphanage. She was told her twins are in foster care. Also she was wondering about gifts for the children in the orphanage etc..
    Thank you
    (Love your blog!!)
    Krista Dolan
    Director First Hugs
    XinXiang China

  5. My idea for Tess's destructive ninja drawing is give her a chalkboard wall with lots of colored chalk. Not sure what you've tried but I can imagine the frustration of coming across yet another sharpie masterpiece in an inappropriate location. Maybe if she had a wall that was ok to draw on?


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