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Monday, May 20, 2019


1-Thank you. 
2-I didn't know something like that was survivable.
3-I didn't know I was a dog person. My kids say I am now.

4-Thank you! 
I've gained a deeper appreciation for the fact that I'm the kind of gal that processes things by talking about them. I talk about stuff that weighs on me. A lot. In depth. In detail. I'm the type of gal that not only shares openly, but seeks out and embraces the tribe for comfort. Thank you for those that read my IG and Facebook posts last week and saw the photos and commented on the story and reached out and said How is Monday doing? How are you doing? If you're one of the small handful that I spilled my guts to, thank you so much for having a strong stomach and a stronger shoulder for me to cry on. If you're one of the 2 people that I was texting the whole time it was happening, (you know who you are!) thank you.

Things stand like this now. 
Monday survived something we didn't know was survivable. nThe she survived the 2 1/2 hour surgery, and after that she survived the never-came but we were on the lookout for infection and sepsis. We have passed through the critical period and are thrilled to say that she's most certainly going to 1-live and 2-go back to being her blissfully ignorant, sweet, puppy self! And man oh man are we so grateful and lucky to say that! 

At this point, I'm gonna kinda describe a bit of what happened. 
But... I want to warn you... if you're a "dog person" or sensitive or have a history of trauma that you're still dealing with, prone to take on other people's trauma, or feel an animal's pain... you know that sort of stuff, please stop reading here. I promise that I'll love you all the same! I don't want you to internalize yucky stuff. 

So here is what happened is... 

Monday had her spay surgery on Thursday. Unbeknownst to us, her incision, somehow, came apart. When you were a kid you ever read the book "Where the Red Fern Grows?" On Saturday, something like that happened. It was awful. I mean it was awful! It was bloody. It was a shocking and traumatizing event. Mimi was the one that initially discovered Monday with her insides out, and all 5 of the children that were home witnessed it. What happened afterwards was also not great. Papa and I trying to transport Monday to the vet also has lots of stuff that I rather not remember, but I do. The sounds of both Monday and my family. The smell (I had no idea that blood in that quantity has a distinct smell!) The sight of it all and our reactions to it. In the end, Monday had about 1/3 of her intestines removed. 
But as I was telling a friend, as awful as it was, there were so many little blessing throughout the story too: that neither of the other 2 dogs that were there, got involved in the scenario, (which could have easily and naturally happened 'cause dogs are dogs.) That both Papa and I were home when it happened. That Mimi discovered it almost immediately (within a 60 second time frame) and alerted me immediately. That Monday didn't initially flip out or even wander around in that condition. That it happened on a Saturday at 6pm where there was little traffic. That we landed with the best surgical vet in the state. So unlucky as this was, some parts were very lucky!
How? Why? 
We just don't know, and truth be told we aren't at a point to even think that part of it yet. And honestly it doesn't matter to us right now. Right now what matters to us is that she survived, and she's still bringing ridiculous amounts of joy into this crazy family, which is good stuff indeed!

For the next week-ish she's confined to my bedroom with her cone of shame and getting lots of mandatory quiet resting and recuperating time, which is HARD for a puppy. The fact that it's hard for her is a wonderful sign she's getting back to herself at the same time. I just wanted to fill those of you who wanted to know in, and be sure and say thank you so much for those that said a little prayer for us, the kids, the husbands too, and sent their good vibes and thoughts our way. It looks like this crazy thing is gonna have a happy ending and for all that we are so grateful! 


  1. Oh my!!! I’m so sorry you had to go through that! I’m very happy she survived!!

  2. I'm so so sorry for what happened. I work with dogs and cats rescue, that's something "pretty" common, and it's really serious, I'm happy she survived.

    1. Seriously? Oh MY! And others survive too?? I had no idea. We're just sooo happy we found her so quickly.

  3. Oh wow! I just can’t imagine going thru that. Thank goodness you found out so quickly & were able to get her to an emergency clinic in time. My granddaughter works in an emergency animal hospital & she comes home with such horror stories. So glad yours had a happy ending🥰

  4. I'm so glad she's better! What a scary thing for you and the kids!

  5. Thanks for sharing the story, and happy for you guys. I know how quickly one can become attached, and how quickly these guys become family. And yeah, you are a dog person! Hugs to all

  6. This is the best news! Yay for Monday! And I’m kinda secretly giddy that you realized you are a dog person (not because of the circumstance though) You have a huge heart, so it just makes sense. 💕

  7. Wow! So thankful you were both there to be able to jump in and take care of her. That must have been so scary for you and the kids! I had no idea this happens more often than we all know...sharing her story may save another pup out there. So thankful she is on the mend! ❤️


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