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Friday, March 8, 2019

Update: Ru, the birthday boy!

Lookie who had a birthday this week!
Hi Ru,
Can I write you a little letter for your birthday. Maybe it's something you won't really like or even want right now, but maybe later, maybe a couple decades from now, you'll like it. Maybe your children will read it over after I'm long gone and have a better appreciation of where you came from way back when. Maybe they'll like it. Or even there kids. So here it goes.
This week you turned 9 years old. It's been our 9th birthday on this planet and your 2nd birthday with us. And unlike last year, this your you understood what birthday's are all about and your were giddy with anticipation about yours!
9 amazing years that have taken you so far, literally and figuratively. There's so much I don't and won't ever know about the first 7 years of your life, although we have a few pics to help us think we know what some things were like. But really can a few pics really tell us that much? I know you went through a lot. I know you went through 6 surgeries and a lots of firsts without us. I know you're crazy ridiculous strong and brave, but I'm not sure if these are traits that you were born with or ones that you developed in those first 7 years. I know you're a glass-half full guy and I know that you love living your life to the fullest. You smile. You beam. You radiate strength and soaking in everything around you. I think we should all take some lessons in that from you!

You do remember China and every once in a while we discover something new about your time there. When asked, you said you remember the homework and the games you played when you were living there. You said birthdays were fun in China too, but they were different. You told us that when it's your birthday in China you (and the other kids when it was their birthday) got a cake, and there's a bag with toys in it. You said the toys aren't from any person, just a bag of toys. And each child would gets to keep the all the presents in the bag for about a week, and then the toys would be shared amongst the children. It makes me so happy to know you have fond memories of your time in China before you joined our family.
Your favorite food is food. Pretty much all of it. In the last 2 years you've really expanded what you eat. You still don't care for biscuits and gravy. You're pretty sure it's the devil on a plate. Or cheese or butter. But there are many foods that at first you didn't like you now enjoy like spaghetti and ice cream!

You're favorite color is green. It is one of the few things that has not changed over the last couple years. You said you liked green the best the very first day we got you and you still do!
For about the last year, you're commented on many occasions that when you grow up you want to be a teacher, an elementary school teacher specifically. I think that means you've had some wonderful teachers in your life already! I couldn't agree more! I think you'd make a wonderful teacher!

One of your favorite things to do, still, is play games. I swear that mind of yours is always strategizing and game playing! Recently you got a kid's Monopoly game and will play it for hours on end, even by yourself if nobody else wants to join you! You told me that you like it because "it takes a while and you get to do lots of counting with the money!" Chess is another game that you enjoy. You're in an after-school chess club and your chess teacher says you love to strategize. And you've been going to Friday night chess tournaments and even have 2 trophies to show for it!
If you could go anywhere in the world right now, you said it would be Hawaii. You said you wanted to go there so you could go surfing and enjoy the beach. I think you've been listening to Papa and me talk about our recently booked trip to Hawaii, which sadly you will not be going on 'cause mom and dad need a little alone time! But it's okay little dude. Maybe someday I'll take you to Hawaii, and until then, we can hit a beach and do some surfing that's a little closer, okay.
I hope every single birthday for the rest of your life is met with such joy and enthusiasm, my son.
It's all my pleasure.


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