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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Doodle Bath

Mimi loves to do this.
And she loves to do this often!
Monday... not so much. But she tolerates Mimi's love language which is evidently acts of service, specifically giving baths to puppies in the kitchen sink. 
Right about this time last spring, Papa and I were thinking of some ways to bring some more joy and happiness into our home. Honestly I didn't have get a dog on my radar since we lost our Spirit about 18 months prior, and honestly it still hurt my heart to think about. Still does. But... there were a few people in the house that really needed some more honest-to-goodness unconditional dog love, and so when Papa brought it up, I thought about it, and yeah, I agreed. Enter Truly.

And then poor Truly didn't know what hit here when she landed in the Crazy house! An abundance of love and hands were being showered upon her 24/7. Honestly it just wasn't enough dog to go around. So this time it was me that brought up to Papa that maybe we should get another puppy. Enter Monday.
Honestly I'm not a small dog person, but I got outvoted by the family and started searching for the bigger small dogs that would be a match for our family. In hindsight, smaller dogs have been a great for our family, and I'm ridiculously happy that counter surfing is no longer an issue. Open-dishwasher surfing is an issue, but whatever!
Truly and Monday both mini bernedoodles, (half Bernese Mountain dog and half poodle. Toy poodle to be specific, (And because you're now probably asking yourself Nancy how in the world did that happen? I'm going to say that I'm guessing nature was assisted by artificial insemination. Just guessing folks!) and have the same dad and their moms were sisters. They weigh/will weigh between 25-30 lbs when they are full grown. They do have to be regularly groomed and brushed. and even though I thought that would be a lot of work going in, it really hasn't been. Actually I kinda look forward to it! The fact that Truly doesn't shed and Monday only minimally sheds is the icing on the cake! Truly is a 65 year old lady stuck in a sausage dog body, and her sister cousin, Monday, isn't the sharpest light bulb in the shed.
If you would have told me a year ago in that we'd have TWO dogs I would have said you were crazy... but really they do bring us all so much joy, and despite all the chewed up things and puppy vomit and razor sharp teeth and vet bills and... and... and... I'm overjoyed that we now have 2 dogs in our home.

And Mimi, our future veterinarian, agrees!


  1. This gives me hope. Our iley is also an animal lover. She struggles with anxiety. I'm hoping a constant side kick who adores her will be beneficial. Lord willing, we get a little border terrier pup in May. Here's hoping it's a joy, not a terror. Also both Mimi and the pups are darling and great pictures as always.

    1. one of our kiddos struggles w anxiety too. The dog has really helped this kiddo to. Unquestionable unconditional love is an amazing thing!

  2. I absolutely love these pics. They really show the love between a girl & her dog. As for the dishwasher surfing..... happens in our house as well, not by our doodle dog who has no interest in human food but by my granddaughter's rescue mutt. We solved the problem by letting her have one messy plate on the door of the dishwasher & then she leaves the rest alone. You could always call it the "pre-wash" cycle:)

    1. Oh YES for the pre-wash cycle! I don't really have any issues with the pre-wash dog cycle. ut I think it bugs hubs. I'm going to have to bring him over to the dark side!


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