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Monday, February 4, 2019

It's GIVEAWAY TIME again!!!

This time for a FREE SEAT in my upcoming Composition 101 class that starts on Feb 18! It's the last time this class will be offered for probably a couple years. Only folks who have never taken this class from Ordinary Miracles Photography are eligible for this giveaway and ANY camera works even cell phones.  (If you're a member of Ordinary Miracles Photo Club there's a special giveaway coming just for you!)

This online course class is great for any skill level photographer and is 5 weeks long. It discusses many compositional guidelines with tons of examples. There will be a private forum open 24/7 for you to ask questions, get clarifications, and get feedback on your own images. Like all my classes, this class is quite interactive, (or not if you prefer to just sit back and soak it all in) and I’m there the entire time to answer questions, clarify information and offer feedback on all your images and assignments. Via the forum, you’ll also be able to see and learn what the other students are doing and asking and interact with them too. Yes, there will be assignments, and they are all totally optional, ’cause that’s how I roll! And there is no need to check in to the class at any particular time. You are encouraged to come and go as you please. All the details of the class and a link to register can be found HERE


I'll announce the winner on my Facebook and Instagram pages in a week's time. Fingers are crossed for you!

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