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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tap tap... tap tap...

Is this thing even on anymore?
Is it working?
Is anyone out there?

Sooooooo, yeah, I took a break. A LONG break from blogging. Not from life mind you. Life is still clipping along at a breakneck speed, and blogging needed to go by the wayside for a wee bit. Life happens like that, ya know?! In that time I've done no less than 981 gabillion loads of laundry and lost and gained and lost and gained the same 40lbs.

But, I'm back!

And I'm wondering... is ANYONE is still out there?

On the off chance that anyone actually is still out there and interested in this self-absorbed, middle aged blather, I'd like to ask you a favor. I'm gonna update you on some goings on. No, there aren't anymore kiddos joining our family (shocker!) or anything monumental like that. But I think an update or 10 are in order.

And after the updates, could you please help me out?
If you were reading Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 10...
or maybe Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 9 if you've been hanging around here a while...
 or even Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 8 as this blog was originally christened way back in the bronze era, circa January 2007 all 1,541 posts ago...
What would you like updates on? Are there any blog posts or topics that you especially remember? Anything that you are now scratching your head wondering whatever became of that?!
Hoop skirts?
Boulder holders?
Those stealth looking $5 aviators?
It's all fair game. #OverSharer-er
Photo creds go the the fabulously talented Ann Sevig who is found HERE on IG. 
Give me a holler!
Pretty please.
'Cause seriously I'm not sure what in the world I'll be writing about these days!


  1. Oh, I’m soooo glad you’re back!!! I’ve been following your blog since forever. Now that we have added Xinmin, 5 (from China but adopted domestically in UK) to our family (Hâuie, 17, adopted at 7 weeks from Nam Dinh), I have valued your posts about older child adoption enormously. Write about everything you have always written about - I love your blog. And please visit London one of these days!

  2. I've been following your blog since Tess and Jude were toddlers and I've loved all your updates about adoption and also your foray into fostering and all of the highs and lows that come with it. I also love your photography and the wonderful every day moments of a large family!

  3. This is from a looong time ago, but did Mimi's 100 wishes blanket ever get made ? I remember seeing all of the squares on the blog but not the blanket itself. And yes I agree with "write about everything you have always written about". I love your insight into adoption and large family life.

  4. Same, here! Reading for a very long time. My daughter was adopted from China in 2007 when she was 8 months old, so I'm always interested in attachment stuff. How is Ru's attachment? So glad to have you back in this space!

  5. I found you more recently but read every post from the beginning. :-) I would love to see anything about any of the kids -- pictures or stories! Glad you are back!

  6. I have read all your posts. How is Tess doing? Does she need much terapi no?
    Vill Jude neede more surgery? How has the time with Ru been the last year?
    If i ever got the money to travel to USA i would love to stay at your house. I think it must be so amazing growing up in your house.
    Sorry for my bad writing, im from Norway.

  7. Glad you're back! I'd love to hear more about how you make time for yourself. I struggle with this as a parent of 1, which sounds laughable (even to myself) when telling you, a parent of 8. Maybe I just need to redefine as what I think of as "me" time. I hate working out, yet I do it most mornings. Is that my me time? Is my commute to and from work my me time? Are my expectations too high? These are questions I'm wondering about lately, so I'd love to hear how other parents do this.

  8. Welcome back! I have been reading for a long time and have missed your voice!

  9. You know I just love you to pieces.

  10. I am so glad you are back! I have been checking periodically for weeks and was so thrilled to see a new entry when I logged on today. I have a similar family dynamic to you; 3 older birth children, 2 girls and then a boy, followed by 5 adopted children, with the age range of the crew from 23 to 8. It is so encouraging for me to read about families like mine who are making it work. I love to hear about your kids, both big and little, (although I appreciate that your big kids may not be on board with excessive sharing, it does encourage me as the mom of an almost-19-year-old boy to know that other moms have similar challenges with both their bigs and littles) The truth is, I love to read anything you post. Welcome back!!

  11. Am always interested in the adopted kids and how they are doing

  12. I started reading your blog waaaaay back when I was in high school (: I'm so glad to see you're back! I love your photography and seeing your beautiful kiddos grow up!

  13. I would enjoy whatever you write. And maybe get the motivation to blog again myself. Found your blog when adopting for the first and only time, but like your thoughts on life, parenting and growing up also.

  14. I have missed your posts! Welcome back

  15. Definitely enjoy your insight on adoption!!!


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