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A little about growing up in an unconventional way

Some thoughts on being a mama to kiddos who refuse to stop growing up

I'm just a soccer mom with a bit of crazy thrown in the mix

A little something silly

The trials of raising a special daughter

My ramblings on being a mama of a large brood

One of my favorite ordinary miracles

The Lord's plan is more fabulous than anything we could dream!

It's a warped sense of humor, I know.

It really doesn't get better than the state fair, right?

When it's hard to be a mom 24/7

The side effects of living in the desert

A "field trip" in the great state of AZ

The hardest job in the world

Boo in Luv

'Cause it's my blog, and I can post it here if I want to.

For my canine lovin' friends
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