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     As a former middle-school teacher, I can honestly say that I loved teaching. And I've also found photography to be a life-transforming medium that has changed how I see the world. Photography has helped me see the ordinary miracles that God surrounds me with, while preserving our family's memories at the same time.
So I combined my 2 loves!
DSLR Mentoring was born!

     If you are a beginner/amateur with your DSLR and want to learn more about how to use your camera to take better photographs, this is for you! My photography instruction is a completely custom, one-on-one, mentoring program that will help you learn the basics of your DSLR and learn how to take the photographs you want. It will be tailor-made just for you and the equipment you have. Because each session is custom designed for you, and will evolve depending on your needs and desires. If you have ideas on what you want to accomplish, let me know, and we'll do it.
Possibilities include:
learning to shoot in manual
strategies for getting sharper focus
how to get that blurry background
learning what aperture is and how to control it
how to set your ISO and why
learning how to shoot in aperture priority, time priority, or manual mode
photo critiques for specific photos

     I want learning to use your DSLR to be as easy as possible . . .  easy to learn, understand, and implement so you can capture your own ordinary miracles. Like my Photography 101 series and my Lightroom 101: An Editing Class for Beginners class, I will provide you with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, that will guide you to be a better photographer but in a totally customized format.

     Each session will be 4 weeks long. We can correspond as many times as you’d like during those 4 weeks. The rate for 4 weeks of private online instruction is $299.

From a few former students-

       I just completed Nancy's one on one mentoring class, and in four weeks I went from 
        only using my camera on Auto mode to being able to get the shots I wanted in manual 
        mode.  Nancy is fun to work with and so supportive. The lessons are clear and cover    
        the topics  concisely. The icing on the cake was I had a blast! Nancy is just plain fun to 
        work with.  ~Pat 

             I LOVED IT!!!!! and was sad when it ended.  I loved that it was one on one, and I could email you
             as many times as I wanted to in one day :)  And you'd reply!  Also you are very encouraging with 
             you replies which was so key when the information was overwhelming.     ~Julie

          Nancy, A big THANK YOU to you for putting the fun back into learning with your online 
          DSLR Mentoring Program. I had a blast! After years of frustrations with camera 
          manuals and tutorials, I found learning from you so easy and fun! Your tutorials were 
          concise, to the point, and easy to grasp. Your guidance and encouragement, given with 
          warmth and humor, were so constructive and just what I needed in this learning 
          process. Even though I was busy, as everyone is these days, I looked forward to your 
          assignments as part of becoming a better photographer!  I feel I learned so much about 
          operating my camera and taking better pictures, something I have wanted to do for a 
          very long time.  It was truly a pleasure learning from you, Nancy!..... Now, I can't wait for 
          your Lightroom class to begin!        ~Marianne
My mentoring class with Nancy was an awesome experience!  She explained everything in ways that were so easy to understand, and she was able to make small, simple changes to my photography that has instant results!!  My photos and my eye for shooting are better than ever!  I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to advance their photography!!      ~Melissa
          I bought my first DSLR camera, and was so excited, until I realized I had no clue what 
          all those buttons and settings did, and my camera’s manual was in a language I had no 
          idea how to speak.  I found myself with no idea how to get out of auto mode and really 
          take the kind of pictures I wanted to take. Nancy came to my rescue by sharing her 
          knowledge.  Her tips and advice have helped me to begin to understand what all those 
          settings on my camera mean.  After our first email I found myself bravely switching out 
          of auto and beginning to take control of my camera! Since that time our dialogues have 
          improved the quality of my photos. Her answers have been clear, simple and most 
          importantly, understandable!        ~Lisa-Marie

     If you have questions or would like more information regarding DSLR mentoring customized just for you, please don't hesitate to contact me. (Either leave a comment on this post or drop me an email at or send up random smoke signals.)  It would truly be a privilege to help you capture the photographs you want.

    I look forward to learning with you!
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