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Monday, August 13, 2018

#BlackMoldVacay2016 Revisit

Papa surprised us with a day at a local resort. 
It's the same one we went to a couple of years ago, right before Ru came home. 
Remember? Remember when Black mold infested our house and we have to leave? And it was no less than 3,000 degrees in the shade? So we decided to make lemon-aid out of lemons and insurance let us stay here for 3 weeks? And the kids rushed to finish their homework each day so they could float in the lazy river? 
Yeah, I loved that. 
So we did it again, but this time insurance didn't foot the bill so we just stayed 1 day. 
Well... most of us only stayed the day. Livy volunteered to stay with the kiddos that night, and so 2 of us got to actually stay the night... by ourselves!
Wrinkly hands... 
The sign of a day well played if you ask me!

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