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Monday, July 23, 2018

What we do in the summer...

Lots of nothing important, that is.
Just being together.
At the beginning of the summer, Papa built me a horseshoe pit for my birthday. We've put in many hours already practicing, but I can't say I'm any good at it yet. It does bring me right back to my childhood. I remember watching hours of horse games as a child which usually also involved a cowboy or 2, beer, and a little bit of being reprimanded by the adult for crossing in the middle of the pit during a game. Now I'm the one doing the reprimanding. 
Most of these pics are were taken by Boo, who is almost 16 years old now. Well not the one below of Boo, I took that one. He took my beginner's photography class last summer and he's still borrowing my camera and shooting in manual mode, and rockin' his photography skills! 
As much as pics of myself make me cringe, I won't delete them. In a few decades time, I'd like my kids to look back at these photos and know I was a part of their lives too! Thank you, Boo!
And thank you, Papa, for the horseshoe pit! I love it! And even more I love the time we spend together enjoying it!

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