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Thursday, June 14, 2018

We had a little scare...

After this... years of this...
This photo was taken after Jude came home from a long busy day. His feet were/are hurting him, and he's rubbing them.
Jude's feet are being a bit "not right" right now.

We're not sure what that "not right" actually is, but currently not right is presenting itself in the form of pain, awkward positioning, decreased flexibility, and a limp that has lasted for almost 3 weeks now. 

We think
we hope
we pray that it is just simply an injury that is on the mend already. We've been in contact with Jude's pediatric orthopedic surgeon (all the way over in Missouri, and the best one in the world in my opinion) and after listening to my concerns via email and watching videos, he says all looks good to him too. In other words, no sign of a relapse.
But still.
You know that little mama-gut feeling in the back of you head that says something just isn't right, like the time they swore that Ru's arm wasn't broke, and it was 'cause they x-rayed the wrong arm, the one that wasn't broken but the other one was broken all along... well I've got that uneasy, something-ain't-right feeling again.

My very non medical mama gut says an injury should have healed by now, an injury he would have gotten just by being a kid, riding his bike, playing golf, just being active mind you. Or I'm over reacting. Or I'm just worried 'cause I'm a mom and that's what I do.
All of which are quite possible options.

It's probably nothing.

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