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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Hello summer! and Seattle

I'm behind.
Will you forgive me?
So behind.

For the first time in forever, I think, I'm simultaneously teaching a class, taking a class and writing a class. I love doing all 3, so it's not a bad thing! But it sure is a time sucker. Especially when there is an abundance of horribly important summer time activities that need to be done, like walks that need to be walked, bingo cards that need to be marked, humming birds to feed, playing cards that need to be shuffled, dandelions that need to be blown, popsicles to make (and eaten!) and geraniums that need to be planted. Not to mention the very adorable yet time-consuming puppy doodle, and that's like having a new baby!
This is my summer in a nutshell.

And the poor blog is feeling pretty neglected.
That being said, I need to catch up on some events here in bloggy land, that need to be marked in time. So here it goes.

Seattle - Part I
It was lovely!
Seattle, do you know how awesome you are? With your modern approach and fresh ideas? Papa and I traveled to Seattle for a long weekend for our annual anniversary half-aversary celebration. And we went with our good friends that we've known since high school. 'Cause evidently when you've been married long enough you invite your friends on your half-aversary trip.
In the next couple days, I'm going to try my best and play catch up.
Starting with my Seattle pics.

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