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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

And her name is...

This weekend we welcomed a new family member. Notice I did not use the word adopt. We adopt children. Not dogs. Not that I'm against it if you do. But for our family we absolutley need to make this distinction. But maybe that's a discussion for another post.
Until today, this ridiculously cute little girly has gone without a name. Or rather lots of different names.
Hot-pink Collar-Girl
Puppy Doodle
Bernie Noodle
Puppy Sckoodle
Doody Hoodle
Duffy Boodle
Poody Schnoodle
Fluff butt
Harriet Tubman
Dust mop
and Spike Jones to name a few.
Puppies are a ridiculous amount of work, and I swore up and down that we would not have one ever again. I know full well that the majority of the puppy work that needs to be done would fall on my shoulders, and frankly my shoulder are quite full enough, thank you very much.

"My dog" died over a year ago. Spirit wasn't my dog. She was our dog, but in my heart she was mine. I didn't say anything about it here because I was (and am still?) pretty broken up about it. She was old, 15 1/2 which by Australian Shepherd standards is really old. Still she was lively and spry, and her death came out of blue for us. I miss her a lot. She was with us for lots of hard stuff, and when she dies I added to my swear that I'd never have any dog again. Time has a way of healing. And God has a way of correcting my nevers.
About a month ago, lots of things started pointing to the ways a pet could really be a huge plus in our big family, a family with lots of different needs. Unconditional love. An outlet to practice care and patience. A couple people in our family really just needed someone extra to cuddle and love on when nobody else seemed to understand... and I may or may not have been one of those people. At first I was pushing for a cat, cause keeping it real, cats are far less work than dogs, but that wasn't to be. So we settled on a dog. Papa and I discussed and threw all of our criteria for adding a dog to our already-busy family. And there were many criteria. Ultimately we settled on a new, little, young bernedoodle puppy. And then fate showed me the way to a breeder that has a huge heart for international adoption, and it was kinda like it was meant to be.

So here we are introducing our new little dust mop, Truly Blue. Thank you to all those who gave name suggestions on my Facebook page and IG. I read every single name suggested and Truly Blue is one of these suggestions! Puppers will simply go by Truly. She is the truth in our crazy. And we are pretty stinkin' smitten with her already!
A little side note, my GrandDaddy was a cowboy. As such he usually always had a dog that was both companion and working dog. These dogs were usually Aussie mutts, (Although he thought they were purebreds and there was no convincing him otherwise.) and always blue merles. (He thought all Aussies were merles and again could not be convinced otherwise. And seriously nobody in their right mind argued with him, ever.) His dogs were always male and always had eyes of different colors. He said that "gotch eyed" dogs and horses were the smartest and the best, and he knew a lot about dogs and even more about horses so who were we to disagree. These dogs were amazing. They worked hard, earned their keep and their lives were not easy. And all of them were named True Boy. One would eventually die, and he'd get another one only to name it the exact same name, True Boy, again. About 10 years ago GrandDaddy had an accident and unexpectedly passed away with True Boy the only one by his side. Truly Blue is a nod to these amazing canines and the work they did.
And a real cowboy that loved me something fierce.

So far, it has been lots of interrupted sleep and a ridiculous amounts of work already. If you're considering a puppy and want to be talked out of it, let me give you an earful. We know from previous experience, that the best things in life are rarely easy. But it has also been an abundance of puppy kisses, belly rubs, snuggles and an insane amount of adorableness. For us, for right now, this little girl, our Truly Blue, has been just the best decision for this crazy family. There have been so much lovin' going on around here. This little girl has hit the jack pot just as much as we have.
Plan on a summer full of puppy pics.
It's what I do.


  1. Looking forward to more puppy pictures~~yes, bring them on! Truly Blue is darling.


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