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Friday, May 18, 2018

3 Men

Written a couple days ago. I'm home now.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hospital food
This is what one eats when confined to a hospital
for days on end. I didn't starve but...
Evidently one takes photos of hospital food
when confined to a hospital for days on end too! 
I've been at the hospital for days now. I need to get home to my brood and check on them. I need to give Papa some relief and tell him he's awesome again. Until then I've been reflecting about family, specifically my family and how I'm so crazy blessed to have the one I have. I think the ICU and hospitals in general have a way of doing that to people, making them reflect and showing them what's truly important and worthy of investing their time and energy in. And usually that's family. At least it is for me. My family. The words fail me.
I am blessed.

There has been a consistent thread in my life: wonderful, strong, hard-working, nurturing and caring men. I've been blessed to have the most amazing men in my life from the time I was born. And not just one or 2, but more! How lucky am I?!

Papa. My man. My main squeeze and my hunk of burning love. My other half.
Divinely matched and shared.
Papa has made it so easy for me to be here here with my family in the hospital, guilt free. I love him for that. Taking care of our brood isn't easy. It's time consuming and much like juggling cats. But in these last few days, every time we talk he says, We're all good! Don't worry! Do what you need to do! Be there for them! Then my heart relaxes, and it feels so good. Papa is getting the kids to and from school, and baseball games and meals. He's waking the kids up each day, teaching Boo how to drive and cooking them breakfast and dinner. Every day. And he's doing it alone since the best-big-sisters-in-the-world are both away. Papa is my hero, because really this minutia is the work that real heroes do. How lucky am I to have this man as my other half.

And while I'm away remembering my man at home, I spend my days with 2 other amazing men. My dad is the rock of the family. I was raised by my a single father. My mom came into our lives a little later, on but I've always thought this paternal-lead upbringing made me a bit different that other women. I've always admired my dad so much for saying yes to parenting a daughter all by himself when he was a very young man himself, and saying yes to all the things that comes that, and thus having to say no to many other young-man pursuits. My father is a teacher deep inside. He taught me in very tangible ways how to see what in life is truly important and prioritize accordingly. He taught me the world is beautiful, amazing and worth the challenges. He taught me that few things are as important as family.

My uncle, my dad's little brother by 5 years is my uncle's watch-over-er during this stressful season... and actually for always since that's the stuff big brothers do for little brothers their whole lives. My uncle taught me the worth of art and joy of laughter. He taught me how to see beauty in different ways. He taught me that things that are different are not just worthy but often treasures.

So here we are in the ICU, and my heart breaks yet simultaneously swells. To witness to one man take care of another is...
I think it has been life changing for me, or at a minimum soul shifting. As a woman I don't often have the privilege to see the souls of men at their most vulnerable, to see how they tick and what makes them the men they are at their core. I witness one man that takes another's hand and reassures him that he's not just there now but for always. I watch the wheels or a care giver as he thinks 3 steps ahead. I witness care to the unconscious, and fear in both of their faces. These last few days have been filled with these opportunities, and I am all the better for witnessing it and being a part of it. Especially because these are the same men that shaped and molded who I am.

I'm not sure how to end this post.
I'm gonna stop writing, stop looking for an ending since it's yet to be written and just click publish.
I think lots of folks love their family like this.
What a treasure that is.

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  1. Amazing words.....a real tribute to the men in your life. Hope all ends well!


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