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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Let's talk photography! Any questions? (Balboa)

Do you want to talk photography? Lets! I'll grab my iced coffee and we can talk talk talk!
There's so much to learn by studying other's folk's photographs, especially if you have the stats available. So I'm inviting you to do that here!
Ask me anything!
50mm (Shot with Canon 50mm f/1.2)
1/2000th of a second, f/3.2, ISO 3200
So let's look at those stats more closely.

Focal length: 50mm. That's a great all around very versatile lens. It's one of the lenses that I recommend for beginners too but still used by pros. It's a small lens too and light weight. I like to travel with this lens! It also has the potential to bring lots of light in your camera!

Shutter speed: 1/2000. That's fast. Sure it could go faster, but it's already pretty quick! See the stopped motion of the little waves and water! That fast shutter speed was able to freeze the motion of the water, (not to mention to wiggly giggly kiddos!) and really stopping the movement of water is always pretty cool! Not to mention the movement of the seagulls which was kinda a fluke when they flew past! Kiddos never even noticed them!

Aperture value (also called f-stop): f/3.2. That's kinda in the middle for aperture values, especially when taking "people pics." I usually have smaller aperture values than that and keeping it real I have no idea why I chose this specific aperture value. Sometimes it just gets stuck where I set it from the previous pics and I forget to change it! As long as the exposure is balanced that's okay to me.

ISO: 3200. Now that's getting kinda high. It's not super high but it's getting up there. That tells me that there wasn't a lot of light in this setting. And indeed it was getting darker and darker as the sun was setting. I wish I could have had a lower ISO but when the light is fading and I need a high ISO to let more light in, I use it! PS-Your specific camera has a lot to do with how different ISOs affect your photo.

If you're in my current photography class, I'd LOVE to see your thoughts of this!
Kinda like homework, but not really, because homework is yucky.
More like extra credit, because extra credit rocks! 

Any questions?

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