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Thursday, April 12, 2018


On one of our 2 excursions out of the city, Melissa and I boarded a tram, followed by a train, followed by a bus crammed with tourists for Keukenhof.  At this point in our trip we were getting pretty impressed with our navigation skills!
Keukenhof is one of the worlds largest flower gardens specializing in...
wait for it...
Keukenhoff is only open a couple months of the year, so unless you visit Holland somewhere between March and May, you'll miss out. It's a place to see spring unfurl in all it's splendid and colorful glory! There are approximately 7 million bulbs spread across 80 acres. And maybe just that many tourists looking at them. Still. It was a very worth while visit. And besides, everyone needs some tulip pictures, yes?
Currently Holland is, (or was depending on when you are reading this) having a bit of a late spring. The warmer weather is taking it's time coming and just a few weeks prior to our visit the canals of Amsterdam were frozen over with ice and being skated upon. We weren't sure we'd be able to see any flowers in bloom at all. I'm sure all you folks on the east coast of the United States can empathize with this! But we lucked out and got some spring and some blossoms. The tulips weren't at their peak, but the wonderful part is that prior to the tulips blooming, the crocus and the daffodils are showing their full color so we were far from disappointed! 
There is also a huge green house in the middle of the garden that has quite an impressive display.
Surrounding the official Keukenhof garden are private fields of tulips, (my guess is they are tulip farms that cut, sell and ship them around the world) and we were lucky enough that a field of spectacular red tulips were in bloom when we were there.
If you are planning a visit, avoid the weekends. I can't imagine it with more crowds then we had on a Tuesday, but I hear there are even more. And timing is everything! Check before you go to see what blooming as your approach your visit. It's unpredictable how much color you'll see becuase spring is fickle like that.

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  1. Just one word......gorgeous. Oh & the windmill. Isn't that what comes to mind when you think of Holland?


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