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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


The Jordaan is a neighborhood in Amsterdam dating back to the early 1600's. More specifically it's a hip and trendy residential neighborhood in the inner canals, that used to be a working-class neighborhood. Now it has evolved into the trendy (read expensive) place to live. (But I'm not picky. Seriously I think I'd live on any canal in Amsterdam! Or Holland for that matter!) Amidst the residential homes, Jordaan has lots of restaurants, boutiques and art galleries, and has this lovely, quiet urban inner-city feeling.
I wanna live here! Doesn't it just make you wonder what's beyond that door? 
We didn't see a lot of Amsterdam's notorious kitties. But we did spot a few. It was a little cold for them to be out. 
And just to give you a historical perspective, this is the place where Rembrandt died and almost 300 years later Anne Frank hid.
Ya, that really puts it into perspective, doesn't it?!
Jordaan was just a short walk from our hotel. Actually almost everything was just a short walk from our hotel. Melissa and I spend a lovely morning just wandering around this serene place and discovering it's little nooks and crannies. In the middle of a busy go-go-go vacation it was nice just to puts around and soak it in! And yes we continued taking more than our fair share of photographs! 
Coffeeshop all one word. Not to be confused with coffee shop, two words. 
This is actually a urinal. Yes, I took a picture of a urinal. You can laugh at me now.
But you gotta love the practical Dutch! These urinals are smattered all over the city.
It provides just enough privacy for a man, or 2 men in this case, to do their business. Women, you're out of luck. 
I learned that most of the street here are names after plants and flowers, which is altogether appropriate since the name "Jordaan" is likely from the French word "jardin" meaning garden. And if it wasn't peaceful enough, many of the buildings have inner courtyards with their own gardens.
Flowers on top of one of the many houseboats on the canals. Never mind, I wanna live here. 
We were so happy that we spent our entire trip based out of 1 single city. Yes, we could have crammed another location or city into our holiday, but instead we chose to hunker down and really absorb 1 city for the entire trip. We did take a couple excursions out into the country side, but in hind sight I couldn't be happier that we didn't try to go anywhere else. Amsterdam offers so so much and I still feel like I missed out on some things! But being here in the city enabled us to have sweet and easy time to just wander around without a plan and take in all that Amsterdam, and Jordaan has to offer. 

And it was lovely! 

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  1. Your street scenes are so dreamy. The kitty on the moped is adorable. What a beautiful city.....I had no idea.


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