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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

De Haar Castle

On one of the days, we met up with my friend, Anita who lives outside Amsterdam, and asked her to show us around someplace a little off the beaten path. This crazy but amazing castle, De Haar Castle, is where she took us. First off, it's picture perfect with it's spires, gorgeous gardens and moat! But it's also kinda a fake! It was built in the late 1800's on the site of an older castle, (from the 1300's) but with modern (for the time) amenities, like a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom, hot and cold running water and central heat. Like there you are in the middle of an old castle and you look around more closely and there are light bulbs in the ceiling and heat registers on the floor! Seems it was quite the gather spots for celebs like Brigitte Bardot and Coco Chanel and Roger Moore to name a few!
And really just driving around the Dutch country side was a highlight for me! It's true the land is ridiculous flat. And beautiful. Soooo unlike the land we have here in the desert. And wet. There are canals everywhere even in the rural areas, and the fact that this surprised me a bit is somewhat embarrassing. 
We finished off our day with a traditional Dutch pancake lunch. And it was delish as was the company! 

Anita, I'll speak for both Melissa and myself and say thank you so so very much for being our tour guide for the day! Visiting the castle and just being with you was such a treat for us! I cannot wait to return the favor should you ever make it out here to visit the Arizona, and see the Grand Canyon and the our lovely desert. 


  1. The castle & the church are stunning photos......neither one looks real!

  2. It was just a lovely morning to spend with you two ladies! Still feel a little guilty that I had to pick up the kids, put you on the train to Amsterdam and could not drive you back. Next time we will make sure we have more time together, since I feel that we could talk for hours and hours more than we did. Hope we can meet again in the near future!


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