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Monday, April 9, 2018

Bucket List: Amsterdam ✓ (Part I-The bicycles)

Our trip was amazing!
It was much like being a fairy tale with images and places that I had only seen in story books as a child and as an adult on the internet. It's hard to pick a favorite moment since there were so many of them. The Anne Frank House. The tulip gardens. Funky castles in the countryside. Canal after canal after canal. I'm going to spend this next week editing the photos, (I'm not sure I should tell you how many photos I took, cause really who needs hundreds of photos of tulips? Me apparently! So many pics of tulips! If I was going to tell you how many photos I took it might be something like 1,256. But I'm not, so you'll never know.) and trying to post a handful each day.
This is the public bicycle garage right outside Centraal Station, (think NYC's Grand Central Station but Amsterdam flavor.) and it is a 4-story city parking garage just for bicycles. Lots of the Dutch that live in suburbia, cycle into their closest train station and lock up their bike there, take the train into the city, then use a 2nd bike outside the train station.
Somebody asked me how they remember where they park in there. I have no clue.

Melissa and I got a Starbucks coffee, (somethings are the same everywhere!) and just pursued the garage for a while. It has great views from the top!
I've read that there are approximately 1 1/2 bicycles for every each person in Amsterdam, and now that I've seen them I have to say that this isn't an exaggeration. Of course the ramification is that the Dutch are fit and svelte. Seriously it's the land of pretty people! And I am totally jealous! Children, little old ladies, senior men, folks going to and from work, babies on mom or dad's bicycle... all of them cruising through city traffic on their bicycles rain or snow. And they can absolutely carry on a conversation with another cyclist while doing it!
Most of the bikes are beat up cruisers with a big basket in the front. The key words there are "beat up," since it deters them from getting stolen. Still most bikes are locked up with 1 or 2 big locks and chains. I also read that there are 4X the number of bicycles in Amsterdam as cars.
Needless to say, I was totally fascinated with the bicycles, and it made me regret this life of big, gas-guzzling cars where one goes from garage, through drive thru's, and back home all day every day. 


  1. Nancy having followed you on FB & instagram I loved getting a sneak peak of your trip & knew we were in for a treat with great photos! I would totally be the same way & probably have even more than that. My hubs has serious trouble remembering what level he parked the car on! I can't imagine him trying to find a bicycle in that garage:) Keep the posts coming. Looking forward to more!

    1. Awwww! Hopefully I'm able to give a glimpse of the realness of it! And the good news is that we had such an amazing time that we're already trying to figure out where to go next year!


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