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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

9 Mother's Day gift ideas!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. None of these products were sent to me for review or to include in the gift guide. These are all products I genuinely would like to receive as a gift. Links to Amazon and Stitchfix are affiliate links. If you purchase through my link I may receive a commission. I sincerely appreciate your support! 

Mother's Day is coming in a little over 3 weeks! May 13th to be precise! I tend to get all stressed out by holidays. It's not good, and I wish I didn't do that, but I do. So planning ahead and getting ready for all holidays, Mother's Day included, really helps me enjoy and appreciate any holiday all the more. So I'm putting out a little gift guide for Mother's Day now, so you can get ready and enjoy it all the more!

Here are just a few ideas for the special mamas in your lives, all things that I have either been lucky enough to receive or would like to get myself!
Photo credit to my very talented friend, Melissa of Melissa Coble Photography.
I think I have a budding photographer here! 
1--A DSLR Camera
Let's go ahead and get the biggie out of the way. Get her a new camera! I don't know a mom yet that isn't trying to preserving the fleeting memories of her children growing and her family changing. Pesky kids keep growing up behind our backs and the memories we capture are some of the best ways to remind us that these often crazy times as moms are fleeting and precious. So a camera is a great gift to give her! If she has expressed an interest in a big-girl camera, a DSLR, or if she already has one and you think she'd like an upgrade, go HERE and see what I recommend. There are some entry level and higher recommendations there. And don't hesitate to reach out to me if you'd like additional guidance 'cause I'm more than happy to help you with that!

2--A Photography Class
Or if she's happy with what the camera she has, every photographer, hobbiest or not, likes a photography class to keep them inspired and show them new tips and tricks! My classes are listed HERE and I'm currently registering for Beyond Manual and Lightroom 101 beginning classes. And I absolutely can forward you a gift certificate for the class so you have something to slip into her card on Mother's Day!

Am I crazy behind the curve on this one? Ya, I totally am! Duh statement. I'm sure I am. I'm not one to pick up on trends very quickly. Call me special that way, Says the gal that refuses to use an Instapot. I think I was a wee bit gun shy after the 90's potpourri infestation when everything smelled a bit dead, mildewy and dusty... because there was a bowl of dead stuff with layer of dust on it. But now, a gazillion trends after the fact, I'm picking up on the Scentsy trend. Here is a combo pack of some of the smelly smells. Livy and I are really liking the coconut lemon grass one especially. If she doesn't have a warmer to put it into, she's gonna need that too. I liked this one that's not Scentsy and this smaller one that plugs right into the wall saving room on my bedside table and counter tops. but it's really pretty.

4--Stitch Fix. I love Stitch Fix! I don't have a regular subscription, 'cause I would end up spending more money than I'd want to, but if I were to ask for a specific Mother's Day gift this year, it'd be a gift card to Stitch Fix. Yes I do find that the clothes I get from there are a bit more expensive than ones that I'd get are Target or Old Navy. But I also find that not only do I wear them more frequently, but have a stylist that pics them out for me... love that! Sometimes I just ask for jeans, or dresses or skirts. But I can't stand shopping, so it really works for me! Go HERE for a link to get the $25 styling fee (which is normally applied to anything you purchase) on your first fix waived. I get a credit too if you use the link, and that's lovely, but really I just want you to have the fee waived cause I've really loved Stitchfix and want to share the good stuff with you!

5--Note Paper/Photo Cube
I think this next one would be such a great gift for that special Grandma (and really what Grandmas aren't ridiculously special?!) in our lives! Someone I know may or may not be getting this photo cube, so please stop reading this RIGHT NOW if that's you, okay?! But if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to use the photos that you take. So isn't a personalized photo cube of note paper perfect! Consumables are always a favorite of mine too to give and get too. Printing and delivery take a couple weeks so don't delay on this one.

6--A New Lens
If your budget is a bit more, the lens I'm recommending is for the intermediate-advanced photographer mom. If your budding photographer is just starting out, consider a 50mm or 35mm lens. But is she's farther on down the path of photography and ready to try out new lenses and/or need some inspiration, I recommend giving her a macro lens! Either the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS, or if she's a Nikon gal the Nikkor105mm f/2.8 IS lens. Again, I don't recommend this lens for newer photographers, but if photography is already her thing and she has a good foundation on her skill already, I think she'd love trying macro photography! Like the cameras, give me a holler if this sounds like something you'd like to pursue but would like to consider some cheaper refurbished options that I recommend. 

7--Camera Bag/backpack by Lowepro
I have an embarrassing amount of camera bags. Seriously, I think an intervention might be in order. And still, when we went to Disneyland earlier this year, I realized that I STILL didn't have an easy go-to, mom-ish camera bag to haul around my camera and all that stuff that mom's haul around, like a water bottle, snacks, an extra jacket, Chapstick, tickets... So again I set off on a quest to add to my collection. I knew I wanted a backpack type cause when I go on a trip that's the best way for me to have my hands available for all the things moms need to do. But I was so surprised how hard it was to find a plain ol' backpack camera bag that was small enough to haul around all day but still had room for mom stuff. Now I'm thrilled with this bag by Lowepro, the Hatchback 150, the one I took taking to Amsterdam. It fits my DSLR camera and a  up to a medium lens and some mom stuff too, but it's still not a huge bag. It gets bonus points becuase it doesn't scream I'm a camera bag with thousands of dollars of camera equipment in it! either. That's just what I want for road trips and vacations. If you want one a wee bit bigger there's also a 250 version of this same backpack.

8--Pillow membership 
A girlfriend of mine showed me this a while back, and a year later I'm still thinking about it and secretly wishing I had it! It's gonna sound crazy, but here it goes anyway... It's a pillow membership! I know, pillows! Like the kinda you throw on your couch! 4x per year the company will send you new pillows to coordinate with the seasons/holidays for your family room, overstuffed chair, love seat. The first time they give you a pillow form to go with it, then after that it's just the pillow cover to go over the insert. Seasonal pillows! Crazy right?! But still I want it! I've had the same decorative pillows on my couch for the last decade! I saw these cute pillows in a pic that my friend posted of her family room and asked her about it. And now I can't get it off my mind! Not that I'd want a subscription long term, ('Cause subscription services aren't my friend) but maybe just for a while? And who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail! See, now you're thinking it's not that crazy either, right?!

9--Photo Session Gift Certificate
Lastly, and this might be my favorite Mother's Day gift recommendation of all, how about giving her a gift certificate for a photography session! I complied a list of photographers from all over the country, women I know personally and are amazing photographers that I love to refer HERE. And wouldn't it be fun to have a photo session where you go on vacation as a souvenir?! A photo that doubles as a Christmas card photo so Mom doesn't have to stress out about in the fall that either?! If the photographers you're looking into doesn't have gift certificates mentioned on her web site, ask. I bet you they'd be more than happy to do that for you!

So go ahead and hop on it right away so you don't stress out what to get the special mom's in your life. And if you're hoping to get something on this list yourself, don't feel one iota guilty for sharing this blog post your your special someone 'cause they want to get you something that YOU want! And you can tell them to feel free to contact me if they have any questions or want to be guided.

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