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Monday, March 26, 2018

Tot ziens, vrienden!

About 9 months ago I was sitting have coffee with one of my very best friends, Melissa, and we both nodded our heads at each other, as we have done many many times in the past, agreeing that we both really wanted to go on vacation together. A girlfriend trip! Melissa and I went to grade school through high school together, and we've have traveled together several times before, both with and without our husbands. I already knew that she's a fabulous travel buddy, easy going, up for anything, or not. (You never really know someone till you've traveled with them! Can I get an amen?) So why weren't we doing it?! So right then and there, because life is short and friends are precious, we committed to stop talking about it and actually go on vacation together! We each complied a list of the top few places we wanted to go to. About a week later, at the following coffee date, we compared lists and found a few places in common, and if I'm remembering correctly those places included, Vancouver, Cuba, Amsterdam and Budapest. Then over the next month we kept a really close eye on a few discount flight sites and decided to just go to the first place that had a smokin' deal on airfare. And at less than $400 round trip, that place turned out to be Amsterdam!
These aren't my pics. I haven't been there yet. These are both free stock images. 
I started pinning all the wonderful things we were going to do, eat and experience in Amsterdam on Pinterest and started packing way too soon. And tomorrow, finally, Melissa and I fly off to spend a week on holiday to a place we've always wanted to experience. We absolutely do plan on being full-fledged tourists and seeing tulips, windmills and canals and lots more. Yes, we have our tickets for the Anne Frank house. Yes, we're going to I'm excited to not only see this amazing city that I've always wanted to visit but also spend time with Melissa too. And although I know that I'll miss them all, I know Papa will do fine holding down the fort while I'm gone.
So all this to say, I'm gonna take a little break from the blog this week. I'm hoping to post pics over on Instangram and video's on Instastories. My beginning photography class will be starting right after I get back, so if you haven't registered yet, head on over and do so.

See you on the flip side!

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