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Friday, March 2, 2018

Photography workshop and reunion!

See these women? 
These amazing women!
My friends!
I'm still busting at the seams and remembering how amazing it was and the friends I made... the amazing women who I can call friends and who have a place in my heart... these amazing women! It was truly such a wonderful weekend!
A couple weeks ago, I hosted a workshop here in Scottsdale for my intermediate photography students. My classes are all online 'cause most of us are busy mom, or just busy 'cause who isn't?! And the convenience of an all online class is where it's at for us! And getting to know someone online is great! But when I get to meet up in person with my students, these amazing women that I've come to think of as my friends, well it's just so huge for me! They came from all over to attend the workshop, like Colorado, California, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Florida... They came from as far as Montreal and as close as down the street! Not to mention the fact that in most of those places it's colder than cold in February, and the Scottsdale sunshine was something I was excited to share with them! Many of us also gathered last year and have come to look at this as a reunion, a time  to not only learn but also to see friends we usually only get to see once per year. I'm pretty sure this is gonna be an annual thing for many years to come, and the thought of that has me pretty excited!
We had 2 wonderful guest speakers and 2 big photo shoots. (One for teens in the most amazing location that just may have been my favorite photo shoots of all time! And the second shoot with 5 amazing families. I'll be posting pics from these shoots soon!) We also learned some lots of new photography and editing techniques, had a glass of wine, laughed a lot, cried on occasion 'cause when you're with like minded women and people who just get it that happens. We stayed up too late, (With late night karaoke? I'm not divulging!) took a mini sunrise hike in the desert and just really enjoyed each other's company. Oh yeah, and someone may or may not have gotten a tetanus shot but that's a whole 'nother story!

Really I can't emphasize enough that it was just such a wonderful weekend and totally left me refreshed and feeling blessed!

To my friends that came this year, thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming. I'm gonna try not to cry again. Thank you. You mean the world to me!
If you'd be interested in attending the next Ordinary Miracles intermediate photography workshop, (which will likely be in Jan-Feb of 2019) you'll first need to take my beginning classes, Manual Mode, Beyond Manual and Lightroom 101.

I'm also planning on offering a beginner's photography workshop in conjunction with the beginning photography classes too, 'cause who doesn't need an excuse to get away from it all, soak up the warm sunshine and meet new friends all while learning a great new hobby!

Please comment if you'd like more info or to be informed when this is gonna happen!
Thank you, my friends!
New and old. Those who live near by and those from far away. Current and those to come!
The weekend flew by way too quickly!
Yes, let's please do it again!
I'm counting on you!

Photo Creds: The amazing and talented... Taylor Kalander, Melissa Cobel, Kathleen Pahls, Lisa-Marie Pohl, Erin Martin, Jenn MacAller.

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