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Monday, March 12, 2018

Photographer referral in your neck of the woods!

Photo credit to my friend, the lovely and talented Taylor of Taylor K Photography listed below.
Taken at my workshop with many of my students, several of which are listed below! 
I've been lucky enough to meet and get to know some amazing photographers from all over the country, and over the years I've been blessed to call many of them my friends! I also get asked for photographer referrals from all over the country too. So, continuing in the tradition of passing on the good stuff, the following is a list of photographers from all over the country that I could not recommend more. Amazing women! (Nothing against the men folk. It just so happens that they are all women folk!) Crazy talented women from all over the United States, ('Merica as Ru calls it!) All of which I know personally and wouldn't hesitate even a tiny little bit to have them snap our own family's pics if I could. Some of them are/were students of Ordinary Miracles Photography classes, who decided to step past taking photos of their own family and children and go into business! And others are women I've met along my own photography journey, equally as talented and amazing. There skills behind the lens is just too good to not pass on, and I hope you'll reach out to them for your own family photos when the need arises.

And seeing as how most of them don't live close to me... well... I'm just going to have to beg them to come visit me soon and take our family photos! Or I can show up at their house unannounced with all my whole family in tow for a visit at their house! But then I'd need to bring a casserole at least... and a casserole without tatter tots 'cause that's just gross.

So if you're looking for an amazing photographer, please look up one of these lovely ladies and just soak up their talent and let them bless you with images that will your love! If you're going on vacation, consider looking up a photographer to wherever you're going, 'cause that's the best type of souvenir of all, and it doubles as your Christmas card photo!

If I don't have your area listed below, shoot me a message, and I'll find one wherever you are, 'cause each of these ladies also knows a handful and amazing photographers, and supporting small business owners is a good thing indeed!

Washington DC area and Manasass, VA, Kathleen of Pics By Kathleen  
Boston Area, MA, Christina of Christina Wilbur Photography    
Maryland, Delaware and northern VA, Carrie of Carrie D Photography 
New York City, NY, Summer of Summer LaLande Photogrpahy
Lansdale, PA, Carrie of Cabesh Photography
Vero Beach FL, Sennie of Stories of Joy Photography
Tennessee, Shannon of Shannon Benfield Photography 
Atlanta, GA, Kelley of Pear Tree Photography    
Chicago, IL, Tyrie of Tyrie Mehaffey Photography  
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Bonnie of Bonnie Ducharme Photography  
Las Vegas, NV, Lesli of Lesli Street Photography 
Salt Lake City, UT, but really ALL OVER the globe, Wendy & Tyler of Blue Lily Photography
Metro Phoenix, AZ April of April Yarger Photography
Metro Phoenix, AZ, Kate of Songs Kate Sang Photography 
Metro Phoenix, AZ, Kim of 40 Love Photography
Long Beach, CA and area, Taylor of Taylor K Photography
SanFrancisco Bay area, CA, Alicia of Grey Wren Photography
SanFrancisco Bay area, CA,  Laura of Lulu Jane Photography
SanFrancisco Bay area, CA, Denise of Denise Beatty Photography  
Snohomish county, WA, Jamie of Focal Point Photography

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