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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ordinary Miracles Photography Workshop (The families)

One more gallery from the workshop, and I promise I'll move on to other stuff.

The families.

The wonderful families and their kiddos!
A note about how we run our shoots at our workshops. None of the "models" are actually models. Like they are our models but they aren't model models with any experience or anything. And actually we prefer "models" that are just plain ol families becuase that gives the photographers the type of practice they value most. We look for volunteers in the area we hold the workshop at and look for people who are willing to be patient with us (and by "us" I mean 20-ish photographers who are at varying degrees of learning) for 2ish hours while we teach and shoot and get experience doing what we love, making beautiful images.
I don't know how it happens, but again in Scottsdale this year, we so lucked out with these amazing families (and teens from the first shoot.) They families were just so patient (and really dads aren't that patient sometimes 'cause sometimes they are there just because their wives really wanted them to be. And that's not necessarily an easy thing for dads to do, especially when the kiddos start to melt down about 45 minutes into the shoot.) They were just so great. Yes sometimes the kiddos melted down. We expect that. We tell the families to take breaks when need be and often that's we we get our best pics. We try to make it a fun experience for all the families. All have to sign a model release which allows all the photographers to use the images they took for advertising, teaching, marketing...
The photographers maintain their copyrights for the photographs, but in exchange the families get free digital images from all the photographers, each with their own editing and artistic style, with a print release to do whatever they want with their photos. They can get them printed on huge canvases or plaster them on Instagram or all over their Facebook page... really it's a win-win situation for both the models and the families.
Personally, I don't get to shoot as much at these events as I'd like. I do a lots of making sure things are running smoothly, teaching... and crying. 

Side note... I cry at all photoshoots. I really do. Photography can be a really intimate thing. Seeing a family or a child, hearing what they say to one another, connecting to these people, seeing the love they share and little glimpses into their souls, the very reasons that they love one another... It is a very special honor to share these intimate moment with them.  

And it makes me cry every single time. 
Thank you my dear families. Thank you so very much for letting me, letting all of us really get to know you and capture some of your specialness in photos. You made it possible, and it was our pleasure.

And maybe, to those of you reading along here. We've been changing the city of the workshop every year. Maybe we'll come to your city someday for a workshop and be able to capture some of your family's specialness too! I would love to do that!

Fingers crossed!

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