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Friday, March 23, 2018

One-on-one time

I need to do a little catch up on a couple things. I'm behind. In what is normally a pretty calm and not-busy time of year, things are ROCKIN' around here with all types of birthdays and trips and good stuff happening. Good stuff so I'm not complaining, but stuff that makes me get behind on my blog posts. So when Tess asked, Hey mom, where are those pics you took of me in San Diego? I was like, oh yeah, I need to get to that.

Soooooo... here's Tess in San Diego!

Papa had a tiny business trip to San Diego that fell on a Friday. He asked if I could tag along, and I said What?! Not do all this mountain of laundry?! YOU BET! Coincidentally we bought a car there too, 'cause finding an AWD car in the middle of the desert is challenging.
One thing about big families is that they are amazing if I don't say so myself. But kiddos are rarely by themselves. This is both good and bad. It's wonderful that they learn to settle squabbles and negotiate with one another. Hopefully this is a skill that will translate to real world stuff as they get older. They don't hold grudges for long and learn to share. They have to. But they also don't learn a lot of stuff that kiddos from smaller families more naturally learn, like how to be alone, how to take your time, how to enjoy the quiet, how to just be with someone one-on-one. Because of this Papa and I use any opportunity we can to give each of our children one-on-one time. Most of the time this looks like a trip to the market, post office or the dry cleaners. But in this case it was a great opportunity to give a kiddo a couple days of time with just her parents. And it was Tess's turn. So off we went to San Diego, and really she was in heaven!
Really finding these little moments to spend with our children individually isn't as hard as you think. Well at least I don't think it is. And we use the time wisely, having quality discussions that sometimes they lead and sometimes we do.

Tess and I flew there and drove the new-to-us mini van home with Pap. We stayed the night in a hotel. We ate out. We walked along the water front. We visited a sock store. We walked around down town when Papa was working. We held hands. We talked about what's hard at school and what's filling her head these days. We didn't really do anything extraordinarily special... but just be together. And actually that all in itself is extraordinarily special to a child when she is usually surrounded by the special crazy chaos that large families usually have going on.
I know that I had just as much fun being all alone with just Tess as she had with us. She's just such a dynamic child, brimming with personality and is a lot of fun to be with.

And next time the opportunity arises, we'll take a different kiddo away for his/her special time.

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  1. Since, we have a big family we also look for times to take the kids out individually.


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