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Monday, March 19, 2018

Liz & Travis

Meet Liz and Travis.
They're having their first baby in August, and Liz is pretty convinced it's gonna be a boy. 

It's a girl! 
My dear friend, Taylor of Taylor K Photography set up this shoot, and I was lucky enough to tag along. Thank you, Taylor for including me! 
And congratulations, Liz & Travis on your new daughter!

From a mama of 4 daughters I can say that it doesn't matter if she's a girly girl or a ninja or karate dog or a nurse, if her favorite color is pink or black or blue or golden, if she loves dresses or wouldn't dare be caught in one, if she wants to have a daughter of her own someday or kids aren't her thing... 

You are going to love being the mama to a daughter! I promise!

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