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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Let's Play Ball!

This boy lives and breathes baseball.  
Most of us love baseball here in the Crazy House, but he will sit and watch a baseball game for hours on tv. If he has someone to ask a gazillion questions to about the game as he watches it, even better. He loves to play it and he love to watch it, but just as much even more he loves to study it and learn baseball. Every play, the statistics, the players, the whys and wherefores... baseball is his thing.
This year he's adding a whole 'nother thing to think about, pitching. The Man Child briefly pitched about 10 years ago. It was no less stressing but I was 10 years younger so maybe that helped. If you've never been a mama of a pitcher, especially a new pitcher, you know that nervous, stressed-out, mama-sitting-in-the-bleachers feeling that I had as I he approached the mound that evening. 
In the end, he did quite really well for it being his first time. 3 up and 3 down, 2 innings in a row. With the help of his team mates a couple of pitcher-to-1st base outs. And I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing him on the mound again soon!  
Congratulations, my sweet son. I love that you love this so much. I love that you have passion not in baseball, but in your heart.


  1. Oh yes, been there, done that More years ago than I care to remember! Fun times. Great action shots! You captured his passion!

    1. Thank you, Valerie. When he sticks his tongue out when he pitches and/or concentrates... LUV that!

  2. Nancy, I am practically breathless looking at these awesome photos of your beautiful boy. Hooray for baseball season!


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