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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

6 years ago...

Mimi walked through the door of our hotel room and into our forever.
Or rather she was carried.
And it has truly been such an amazing, wonderful, glorious, glittery and pink-sparkly filled 6 years with this girl, our daughter, with many more years to come!
And anyone who wears a tiara and pink hair extensions with their outfit just 'cause is pretty awesome in my book!

Happy family-aversary, my love!


  1. Love! That day was such a blessing! We celebrated our six years with Gabe too. Those precious, sweet, and scared eyes on our babes are now precious, sweet, and full of hope! Happy forever family day!

    1. Time passes so quickly! And just as fast we're approaching another forever family day here too, on the 27th.


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