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Monday, February 26, 2018

Disney Part III (or How did Ru do?)

Yes, Ru is the one that got poo and Pooh mixed up. 
English is hard, folks!
One of the things we really intentionally wanted to do on this trip is spoil Ru. Not a lot. Not in a bad way. Not in a get-anything-you-want-whenever-you-want kind of way.
But more of in a You're-so-amazingly-special-and-cherished-that-you're-totally-worth-it kind of way. And I really hope we did that. I pray he felt it. But really, he's not the only one. Papa and I wanted to do that for all of our children on this trip! It's just special that this is his first time at Disney is all.
I do think this trip was very very special for Ru. He was giddy in all the right places. He tried things he didn't think he'd like and ended up loving them. His favorite rides were Splash Mountain and Buzz Lightyear. Of course it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns. He spent a good chunk of it learning how to be patient, take turns and be a part of a family. He had more than his fair share of melt downs and experienced a lot of triggers from who-knows-what. Thankfully Disney provides lots of distractions from meltdowns. And of course one thing we've always had going for us is the 3 other littles who are well entrenched with the expected routine and serve as role models for him. Walking back to the hotel after a long day is totally exhausting, but when every else is doing it... 
Did I mention that Papa is my hero! Papa, you are my hero! He totally is. Ru and Papa have completely, totally, unconditionally attached with each other, hook line and sinker, and even though he'll come to me for comfort, Papa is his person without a doubt. Nobody can comfort Ru the way Papa does, (I totally get it, Ru. Nobody can comfort me the way Papa does too!) Surely there's something about being swept up and wrapped in those daddy arms that's like nothing else. And to witness that blessing... to witness that unconditional love that a father gives his son... and to witness a son take it in, a son who has only been calling him Daddy for the last 10 months... it's just a gorgeous and beautiful thing. 
Another wonderful thing that happened is between Ru and Jude. As I mentioned on Instagrammy sweet boys, my sons, have been having a tough time of it since Ru joined us last April. They are kinda in a non-stop competition to figure out who's going to come out on top. They are constantly jockeying for position. Being brothers, even under ordinary circumstances can be hard. Jude finally got what he's wanted for so long, a new brother around his age, and it is proving so much different and harder than he imagined it to be. Thankfully, they both keep trying to be brothers. I will say that both of them are really hard workers for totally different reasons. Jude is very forgiving, and Ru is very persistent. Thankfully Jude has really been able to give and forgive even more these last couple months, and I think we witnessed them turn a corner in their brotherly relationship on this trip. Not only were they finally starting to enjoy each other’s company and figure each other out, but they were even seeking out each other's company! Of course we're not out of the woods yet. This learning how to be a family is hard for all long term. But some plain ol’ happiness and fun has really helped Jude and Ru enjoy one another and show them that it can be fun to have a brother!
Yeah, that's Jude and Ru holding hands unprompted in this photo above. They did that a lot. Don't miss their role models just in front of them, Sunny and Boo, 24 and 15 year old, and also unprompted. And I may have shed a tear or two when all this happened witnessing another ordinary miracle unfold before me. Did our bigs even know how they were role modeling for the 2 boys following behind them, their little brothers that needed to see just that so much? 
I should stop being amazing that God puts just the right people in just the right place at just the right time. 

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  1. The pics of Papa & Ru are so can see the bond between them. Love it!


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