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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Brain blur and temporarily checking out

This pic is where I'm at right now... pretty hazy and nothing in focus. Not in a bad way. In a pretty can't-wait-to-see-you way. In a way that I'm drawn to all the same. Sometimes life just gets blurry.

I'm in one of those seasons where there is just too much on my plate. Like I can't even come up for air type of busy. I actually... literally... found myself running from the kitchen to my bedroom this morning for no other reason than it would cut off a few seconds that I could totally use somewhere else. And all this busyness has brought about a bad case of brain blur. I'm not even sure what I'm forgetting to do anymore. The jumbles of lists in my head are all blurry. I have reminder alarms going off on my iPhone for who knows what. And I'd like to complain about this busy-ness because honestly, I'm am a complainer. It's true. But I can't because most of the stuff going on is really good stuff that makes me happy. It's just happening all at once. I just got done an amazing weekend in Wichita followed by with the most amazing photography workshop this weekend for my Ordinary Miracles Photo Club students. Like it was a fabulous weekend with amazing women, and I've come out of it changed in a really good way. I followed it up with a photo shoot that was amazing. I have a epic girlfriend trip coming up. Hubby and I need to get away with just he two of us and are trying to plan something for April. And I have some great things under way for my business that are pretty time consuming. It's good stuff, but maybe... just maybe there's too much of it all cram packed into a 3-month time period.

Case in point... we are (most of us anyway) are heading on another short road trip to Disneyland tomorrow. I'm not even unpacked from my weekend much less started packing for this one. We're picking up Sunny at the airport tomorrow, and we actually had a little heated discussion about who gets to go to the airport to get her, 'cause we all miss her something fierce.  Then she's driving over to California with us. Yes! 6+ hours in the car with my Sunny, and I intend to soak her in all I can! She's like that... sunny and warm in real life. Thus the nickname.

So... all that to say, I'm gonna be checking out for a little while as we spend some exciting Disney days together. I'll be posting on Instagram and Facebook to keep the family updated, and if you'd like to see some of Ru's reaction to the happiest place on earth, follow along there. Which now that we're talking about it, Ru's not so sure about all that amazingness that he's hearing about. He's missing his Valentine's party at school, and he's really not sure what all this hype about a mouse and some place he's never heard of is all about. Livy finally convinced him to go when she mentioned we'll be staying at a hotel. Apparently he's all about hotels. But not Disney.
We're gonna work real hard to change that!

Look out Disneyland! The crazy 10 (minus 1 that's gonna tend the critters) are coming your way!

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