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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

...and then he saw the ocean for the first time

For the last 10 months, for as long as Ru has been part of our family, he has asked if every lake, river, creek, pond and puddle is "the ocean." He clearly wanted to see it, but had little idea of what the ocean really was. It amazes me (and yet it really doesn't) that growing up and living in GuangZhou, China for the first 7 years of his life, being so so close to the ocean, and not only had he never seen it, and had no idea of how big and amazing the ocean is. And we got to show it to him!
The day slipped away a lot faster than we expected, so close to sunset we rushed there. We got a little lost, thank you very much sat nav, and the light was fading quickly. (Which in retrospect made for some gorgeous photos, so thank you very much sat nav!) But then we finally got there, and then he saw the ocean for the first time... and smiled so so big! He was so excited and acted just like a giddy 4 year old! His only concern was for the sharks that were surely right there on the beach. And someone must have talked to him about sharks before because he really was pretty convinced that they would appear if he got to close. But again peer pressure worked in our favor. Mimi showed him just what to do, and I think she was just as excited to show him as he was to be there! She showed to roll up his pants and take off his shoes, which he did in about 1.5 seconds flat. Then they ran down to the shore break and dipped their toes in, and Ru was completely shocked at how cold the water was. But after some assurance that it was okay to have cold tootsies, he crept in a little further.

It got dark quickly so we couldn't stay long. But thankfully Ru go to experience falling and getting almost completely wet before we did. I mean what's a first trip to the beach with getting far wetter and far colder than one had planned?!

The big girls, (Really? Maybe there's a better thing to call them? Adults? Amazing young adults? My babies no matter how old they get?) helped Ru and Mimi find their shoes and get back to the car where I stripped them mostly down and put their jackets on them until we got back to the hotel and a nice warm shower.
And P.S.  What's missing from these pics is 3/4 of the y-contingency, Papa, Boo and Jude. Apparently they aren't the wiggle-your-toes-in-the-sand-and-get-wet-and-cold-at-sunset type of guys. They are more of the wait-in-the-car-with-the-seat-warmers-and-look-at-the-photos-later type. It's amazing how strong certain genetic personality traits are! They transcend genetics!


  1. I looked at this post earlier on my phone but am now on my computer & can appreciate the photos more. The last two with the silhouettes are gorgeous......:)


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