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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Whatever Weekend!

One of my very favorite things to do is to get together with other photographers, or creatives in general (And since when did "creative" move from an adjective to a noun. Yet there it is. Creatives in plural from and everything. So be it.) and talk shop of exchange ideas or collaborate... you get the idea. Just be together with like minded people that get you and your crazy ideas.
Not only did I get to do that, but I get to do it again in a couple more weeks in early Feb. Really seriously, despite the fact that I didn't get near enough sleep and I'm behind in most every aspect of my life when I return home, this is my happy place and well worth any inconvenience. I hope my family thinks so too.
Last weekend I spent the weekend in Wichita, KS with a group of amazing photographers. If that wasn't good enough, we spent the weekend in the amazing Whatever Craft House and I'm blessed to call Meg, the owner of said house, my friend. If you're a crafter (again this word has seriously morphed!) you've likely heard of it. Not that we did any crafting mind you. But the place is amazingly inspirational and uplifting. But if crafting is your thing, I heavily recommend checking out Meg's place and trying to join her for a weekend of wonderfulness!
Yes there was lots of photography talk, but there was also so much laughter, plain ol' fun and even some tears shed and shoulders and hugs instantly and freely given to anyone who needed one. I came away from this weekend with some new wonderful friendships and strengthened some old. And that is a very good thing indeed!
Just a little tidbit... this is also the place that the totally rad 80's glamour shoot took place. And we all went out in our bitchen 80's makeovers for a late night dough nut, a ridiculous amounts of eyeliner and hot pink blush and all! A pair of stirrup pants even made an appearance! Oh yes we did.
Thank you, my friends, both new and not new, for an amazing weekend that reminds me how blessed I am to have a place I can just be who I am, while surrounded by so much amazingness!


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