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Thursday, January 11, 2018

New for 2018! Referral program! 20% off!

Through my years of teaching photography I've been blessed to have the most amazing students from 5 continents! Over a thousands of them so far! And seriously... 
I. Am. So. Humbled!
that they'd pic me to teach them something that has been such a huge blessing, photography. 
Most of my students have been mamas just like me, with babies or toddlers or tweens and teens or even with grown children, but all with the same joys, frustrations, beauty and mess that raising children and having a family involves. I love these women, and I mean it when I say it really is a privilege to get to know them through their photos and share what I know about photography with them. 

One thing my students have consistently done over the years is to refer my classes to their friends. 
Or their sister. 
Or their mom. 
Or sorority sister 
Or neighbor. 
Or co-worker. 
And it's about time that I found a way to say thank you to them for passing on the word about my classes! 
So from now on, for every student that you refer to my classes, YOU get 20% off your next class! 

I asked my students what they though about this, and they said, Well that sounds great, but honestly, your classes are so amazing that we're going to refer you anyway! And I'm pretty sure I was blushing at that point. And then they suggested, How 'bout offering a discount to my friend instead? And I was like Wow! That's a great idea! But why don't we do both! A discount for both you and your friend! And right then and there, Ordinary Miracles referral program was born! 

So let me make sure I'm making it clear. For EVERY student you refer to any one of my classes (has to be a brand new students to Ordinary Miracles Photography classes) you will get 20% off any class. If you refer 2 students, you'll get 40% off, and if you refer 3 you'll get 60% off. And thus for every 5 students you refer, you'll get a totally free class! 

But I really want you to share the love too 'cause I know how much your friends mean to you! Our friends keep us laughing, drop everything and offer a shoulder to cry on, never judge us and keep us sane on even our toughest mom days. Our friends are just precious treasures! So I want you to pass on a 20% discount to your friend too! Just tell them to contact me before they register for any class to get the discount. 

So thank you so much for those of you who are passing my name and classes on! And thanks in advance to those of you who are going to do it in the future. I can't wait to meet up with you in class! 

Both the Manual Mode and Beyond Manual Class are currently registering. They are the perfect start for the person who is just wanting to start their journey in photography! 

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