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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"Do You Feel Naked In Front Of The Camera?"

I'm going to use Kelley's words, because they're dead on.

"I hate being in front of the camera."

Ya... me too. 
Don't we all? 
And as she accurately said, this is probably the number 1 thing photographers hear when they take photos of women. I think that majority of women feel this way. I think it's often a women's knee jerk reaction to cringe when she sees herself in a photo, and the process of being photographed can be daunting. 
I get it.
I do.
I really do.
I feel the exact same way.
And good photographers understand that. 
One of my favorite parts of this Whatever weekend was collaborating on a photography project with fellow photographers. I didn't know that anything like this was going to happen, but when I got there, my friend and a woman a look up to like crazy, Kelley, told me about her plan to create and image of strength and vulnerability, a portrait of herself, and she asked me if I would be the one click the shutter. Well... I was taken back when she asked!
Who me? 
You want me to your pic, Kelley? 
You want me to be a part of this project, your project?
Heck ya, of course I'm thrilled to do that, my friend!
For a couple days, when we had a chance, Kelley and I talked about her vision and what she wanted both it to look like and the message she wanted the final image to convey. It's a powerful message she wanted to tell, and I wondered if I could live up to her vision. For those 2 days prior to the shoot, Kelley and I walked around the house and examined the light from all angles. We moved some furniture around and chose our location. In the attic no less. I think the best part was that this project involved 5 photographers in total, all of which are not only amazingly skilled behind the lens, but they are also women who are strong, independent as women, and smart to boot. I wanted very much to be a part of this, and with this group I was thinking we couldn't go wrong.
Kelley showed me the final image that she had selected all editing and polished up. On a side not, she was firm that she do no photoshopping on her body. She read me her words that she had written to go with it, and I mentally added talented writer to her resume. Kelley's message is a strong one, both the image and the text. Yes, it's about photography, but it's more importantly it's about being vulnerable in general and the strength that comes with that, and as women that something we can all relate to.
I know I certainly can.
Her message and the final image that we created together is HERE

Photo credit for the images in this blog post goes to the amazingly strong, brave (just like the tattoo says) and talented Kelley Wenzle of Pear Tree Photography in Atlanta. Kelley was simultaneously posing/modeling and photographing me... all at the same time. I mentioned she's uber talented, right? 

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