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Monday, January 15, 2018

Capture you. Capture the ordinary.


If you invite me over to your house...
for almost any reason...
there's a better than not chance..
that I'll bring my camera...

and take photos...
with you in them.
Yeah, I know you've probably got lots of pictures of your kids and even you're whole family. But how many of those photos have you in them? How many of those photos show you doing what you do every day, being a mama to littles... and middles... and bigs? D you have photos that capture the ordinary? Do you have images that show how you show your love to your family by doing what moms do every single day in and day out? You know, the ordinary miracles stuff that families are made of.

I'm a firm believer that mamas never have enough photos with them in them. These are among the photos that are treasures for their children.
And their children.
And the families they will have.
They are a legacy that show the love and the ordinary miracles that exist in all families between the crazy and the chaos. They are the images that slow us down and show us what's important when social media and commercialism says just the opposite is true.

Capture these images. Take the photos with you in them.
Ignore they clutter. The dishes in the background. Or dust bunnies.
Ignore the grey and coming wrinkles.
Ignore the way you didn't put your shoulders back in that frame.
Do put your attention on the slightly awkward expression you're making.
Or that 20 lbs you want to lose.
Don't see you.
See what's important.
See the love.
See the little things. The way God is so apparent in all the mediocrity.
See time well spent with one another.
Capture the ordinary.
The clutter will wait.
See the gift of touch. And holding hands. And holding babies.
Pay attention to the connections that exists within families.

From one mama to another, one that's seen her child grow up and move on and knows how fast it goes by, how precious time is...
Take. These. Photos. Now.
You already give your children so much. Please give them this.
These images aren't for you. They are for them. They are your legacy.

Thank you, Katie, for letting me in your home and take these photos.
Mary Alice and Sebastian's children thank you too.

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