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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Adoption Day...

...but not really.
Because we all know that was 10 months ago for Ru and almost 6 years ago for Mimi.
This was really just a formality.
In the state of Arizona, re-adoption isn't a necessity. In some states it is, but not here. But the problem is that although China completed our adoption and the U.S. federal government recognized that adoption, the state of Arizona has no idea it happened. So the "re-adoption" was really just to get everyone on the same page.
We had trouble explaining it to the kids. We didn't want them to think we were lying to them or dismissing the significance of their real first adoptions. THAT was the day we became a family forever and ever, amen.
But I guess lawyers and judges and everyone else that congratulated us on the way into and out of the court building didn't see it that way. It was a big deal to lots of folks. Just not us. We knew a long time ago and committed to Mimi in March of 2014 and again in March of 2017 to Ru that they were forever ours just as if they had been born to us.
Ru was thinking we were referring to some kind of basketball or tennis court when we explained we were going to "court" so when we got there and didn't see any type of sports facility he was pretty exasperated. Mimi was worried, fearful that someone would ask her a question. In the end it all turned out alright. And the great state of Arizona now recognizes what we've known for a long time now. That these children are amazing and so very worth every effort and expense... and they are all ours!
And yes, I'm that person that brought her child to court in jeans shorts.
Mom fail.

ps - Here is Tess and Jude's re-adoption day for nostalgia. Sweet littles were such babies!


  1. I guess the misunderstanding over the "court" was the reason for Ru's face in the family pic? Great pictures!

    1. I think so. It's was so disheartening when he figured out that we weren't going to be playing basketball or tennis or ANYTHING with a ball. Poor dude.

  2. I really love your new look !!!
    You ALL look AMAZING, HAPPY !! ONE !!!
    You make me a better Mom in every post :)

    Congrats !

    1. Thank you! That's a crazy compliment! Holler if there're any subject matter you want to hear more about!


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