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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The cousins

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And now back to the business of cuteness! 
When my extended family got together, it of course gave the cousins a chance to come together and reconnect. They don't get to see each other often, but it never takes them long to pick right up where they left off. How is it cousins in all families seem to do that so easily? My niece J is only a year older than Tess and Jude, but she's literally a head and shoulders taller. And she pretty much has rock star status when she visits. 

They played and played for 2 days. J got to know Ru, and Ru got to increase his extended family by 1 more "fun kid" as he says. I'm not sure he really gets how J fits into the family yet. This whole family thing can be confusing. Who is who's mom and who is who's sister and brother. He just understands that he really likes have "fun kids" around. 
I love Mimi in this one. She like, "We're gonna do what?" 
And this last shot was all their idea! Yes, I'm that mom that makes my kids go out into the middle of the road to take photos!


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