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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Goodbye Soccer!

Our 1st soccer season has concluded, and we crazy proud of our girl who dared to try something new with kids who were far bigger and mostly more experienced than she was, most of them boys. Tess played most of the season with untied laces, a thumbs up to her family whenever she passed by and enthusiasm in her heart as she does most everything.
She really enjoyed playing soccer and as a family I think I can say we all did. It was a wonderful way to get out on our gorgeous Arizona Saturdays and spend time as a family supporting her. So maybe she'll do it again. But maybe not because Tess is moving on to learning more new things. Right now she's making up her mind about joining an all-girls running club at her school and training for a 5K. Or parkor classes, otherwise known as ninja school.

Tough choice, right?


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