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Friday, December 29, 2017

For parent's eyes only...

Fair warning! 
Don't let your kiddos see this one! 

On Christmas Eve, we have a tradition of getting hot chocolate and riding around in the car to look at Christmas lights. This year, we decided to combine it with dinner. We went to a favorite restaurant and even at first bite, which was confirmed in the second bite I knew the scallops were off. After the cookies and milk had been set out for Santa, the kiddos were tucked in and finally asleep, and the real work was getting underway, at 10:30pm to be precise, it hit me all of a sudden! I was really ill with food poisoning for the next 5 hours. Like moaning and groaning and don't get too far from the facilities sick! Thankfully we had the wrapping done, but as you mama's know, there's a lot more that needs to be done on Christmas Eve after the kids are asleep! 
Just before that around 10pm, I was setting up my intervalometer to take pics the following morning. I was testing out my settings at 10:30 when everything came to a screening halt. Unbeknownst to us all the camera just kept taking pics. The next day, Christmas morning, I was woozy but okay. And to my surprise I discovered a whole bunch of photos that showed me what went on in my absence! My sweet wonderful elves, Livy, Boo and Papa hard at work, finishing up what I couldn't help with. 
This is what I discovered on Christmas morning... a beautiful little surprise present to me that reminds me how amazingly lucky I am to have this crazy wonderful family! 
Probably my favorite present of all! 


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