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Friday, December 22, 2017

Dear Santa Letter on his first Christmas

Just because... 

Because Christmas and Easter and reality and fantasy, memories, the past, the present and many things get all mixed up and blur together. 
Because this is a pretty good representation of where we're at right now. He dictated, and I typed as fast as I could to keep up. 
Because who couldn't use a little more Easter bunny at Christmas? 
Because these are his words verbatim
Because he tries so hard and remembers so much... and so little at the same time. 
Because he's amazing and has come so far.
Because I'm crazy proud of him and love him.

Ru's Dear Santa letter on his first Christmas...
Dear Santa,

I want my favorite stuff animal. It is zebra, owl, or lion. And I want Pokemon. And I want stuffed animal. And I want a Lego toy. If you don't have it, it's okay, and I will just prefer you give me a different stuffed if you don't have any Pokemon. 

I did Christmas Eve like when, Santa. His name is called Christmas Eve. If you are on the naughty list you get to go home. If you be good, you get a present. At night you get to open the present. At morning we sleep. It was good in China and some people went to the naughty list, and that's why they got coal. And then everyone helps so they don't go on the naughty list. And that's why I help. So I don't get on the nightly list. We have Christmas Eve in China, and at Christmas Eve we do Easter instead of Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve and Easter, and some people found so many eggs, and there was money in the eggs! And sometimes there is candy in the eggs, but some people can't eat the candy. 

I want to see my China family because I miss them. All my friends. I miss them. All of them. 

In Easter the Easter bunny rabbit hide all the eggs then everyone found all of them, and that's why they loved Easter. Then it is Christmas Eve. Sometimes if you ask for Christmas Eve then you get presents from Christmas Eve like we make a Christmas tree. He puts presents on Christmas Eve, and if it's your birthday on Christmas Eve, he puts extra presents down there for you. 

Sometimes I be bad, and sometimes I timeout. And sometimes I help my sister to make what she need to make. My sister I love to get a help, and that's why I asked for it. If you need any help she say yes, and that's why I help she. 

Santa I'm not in China any more. because my family got me. Then I went to my family and played on my tablet before I go home on the airplane. It was long, and I took 2 airplanes and my tablet dies before I went home. 

Santa, I very want my secret note when I got for you. I made you a secret for you before because I missed you, and that's why I made you a card, and I forgot to bring here. It's still in China. That's why I couldn't give it to you, Santa. 

I have my first time of Christmas because I love Christmas! In China we do Christmas Eve that looks like Easter, and Easter bunny rabbit give me a toy on my bed before I wake up, in China. Like he puts it on my bed on my arm, hiding it before I wake up! So that's why is first Christmas from my family, and I love it!

7 more days until Christmas, and we all take turns cutting the chain. Tess don't care about cutting the chain or no. And we all take turns too. Mimi, Jude and me all take a turn to cut. Tomorrow is my turn to cut. 

Santa, it's hard to, like, do a spelling test, and I think I get all them 100%, and this weekend I think I get only one wrong only! I just think. And if I get 100% I'll take a picture for you! That's hard because Miss M. Miss M give me a hard spelling like everyone do, and I like when Miss M gives me a hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard math. And my spelling test too. PE is hard for me too because PE we have to do exercise before we play, and this why it's hard because in first time when I go to school, first like in China. And I have PE in China, and we have to do PE all day long. Just exercise all day long!

And I want a pretend dog. 

It's hard to be good because I have to be good before I went to the naughty list. That's why I be good in my family. It's hard because I do my chores and do all my stuff and go to school. That kinda stuff hard for me. And sometimes I have to do music. 

Sometimes I get mad at my family. 

Love, Ru


  1. Inside the heart & mind of your sweet little boy. Trying so hard. Beautiful on many levels. Merry Christmas to you & yours!

    1. Trying SO hard. Still. We all are. This is one of the hardest things we've ever done. And SO very worth it. Thank you!

  2. Just read this all over again & could sniffle out loud! When I read it on your FB page I was in the car with hubby! One amazing kid. Love him:)

    1. I know what you mean. I'm SO happy he really shared so much on this letter!

  3. WOW he got so good at English, in such a short time! Way to go, sweet boy!! I hope Santa brought to you a Pokemon, you deserve it!! :*

    1. Some Pokemon cards DEFINITELY arrived (compliments of a gift from one of his big brothers) and he was (is) in heaven with them!


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