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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Cookie Bake

After my clutter-full Thanksgiving pics, I wanted to practice some more, so I got out my tripod and timer again for our annual Christmas cookie bake. I'm trying so hard to be in front of the lens more these days, and I will say that being on this side of the lens absolutely does not come naturally or easy for me. But with my purposeful efforts to it anyway for my children, it is getting easier. I still cringe when I see pics with me in them, but I also see some wonderful memories of a full family. I want my children to look back at these images and remember these times we had together, including their mama who loved them... grey hairs, a few extra wrinkles and extra lbs and all.
That being said, here we are, making Christmas cookies over a 2-hour time frame. On the frame left, we made two different types of cookies (both of which were kinda a flop. Never to be tried again.) and also decorated sugar cookies that my wonderful mother-in-law made and dropped off complete with all the decorating supplies, on frame right.

The progression of the amount of stuff on the island makes me laugh. So does the progress on people in the frame.

And you gotta love the inevitable fact that in the end, like every Xmas cookie bake in every household across the nation, that it's Livy and me finishing up the cookies with no kids in sight.

And PS - Ru decorates cookies much like a 4 year old; piling sprinkles, red hots and icing directly into the middle of the cookie as high as it will go in hopes of maximizing his sugar intake.

Conversations during the cookie bake included a answering questions from Ru about what the colors green and red have to do with Christmas. After thinking about it, I'm honestly as stumped about this as he is. I think I answered him by saying something incredibly deep and profound like, Because they just are. Ru also revealed that he thought Santa Clause's first name was Christmas. He seems to be generally confused with all this attention put on Christmas. Why we buy gifts for people. Why there are Christmas songs on the radio. He is befuddled by the stockings that are hung by the chimney with care, and gently touches his each time he walks by and usually asks me, Mama, why this where Santa puts stuff? Why it here?
Merry Christmas season to all of you that follow this crazy little blog. I'm humbled that anyone would. And if you're anything like me, try not to focus on the clutter and the ever-growing list of things that aren't getting done, and enjoy the extra time that you get to spend with the most important people in your life.


  1. I just love this series of pictures. Building such beautiful memories for your kids......wonderful. I was amazed at how much stuff you had on the island but I have that much plus, that is also spread throughout the rest of the kitchen! Love the last shot:)

    1. It's amazing to me how the amount of stuff on the island just kept growing!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the photos and corresponding comments.

    I was also stumped by the color question and had to google.

  3. Awesome idea. As a Granna to 5 I am always taking photos of them and others. Rare to get a photo of me unless I ask and ask and then it's a bad photo taken by hubby. Might try setting camera up and doing what you have done. Love the idea of making cookies

    1. Oh PLEASE do! And if you do share a pic please! I have a blog post coming that helps with some of the how to's of doing it!

  4. Check out Why do we call it Christmas? with Phil Vischer. It is amazing and explains most of Ru's questions.

  5. Check out Why do we call it Christmas? With Phil Vischer. It explains most of Ru's questions very well.


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