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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Holiday Gift Lists (Please help!)

I have purely egocentric motives.
It's a poorly kept secret that Christmas is not my favorite holiday. It's so much hype and expectations for a mom, and I always feel like I'm cramming in so much in with little intention behind it at best, and failing their expectations at worst. So here it is, only the beginning of November, and I'm already getting stressed out about the Christmas. So in the midst of the anxiety I was building up about it, I had this idea that maybe part of my problems is that I put things off until I can't any more, and then of course I'm about ready to rip out the eyeballs of anyone who stands in my way to get it done. And getting all that done last minute is ridiculous. Ya, that's the spirit... eyeball ripping. #MomFail moments in the making for sure.

So this year I'm trying very hard to get the gift giving portion of the holidays done by Thanksgiving, leaving me time to really be attentive and give my full attention to my family during the season. So far I'm off to a fabulous start, like I haven't purchased a single thing yet! Likely 'cause I don't have a clue what to get anyone and when I think about it stress comes on. So that's where I'm asking for your help, and in turn I'm hoping that we can all help each other out! And that's where YOU can PRETTY PLEASE head on over and get some gift-giving ideas for yourself too! It's a win win, right?

On my Facebook page I've posted 4 holiday gift suggestion lists:
TOYS-ages 4-10

Would you PLEASE head over there and add to these lists of suggestions in these categories? (We desperately need more for teens/tweens. Those kiddos are hard to shop for!) There are some wonderful suggestions already! Some I've heard about and forgotten. Some I've never heard of. Several I'm going to purchase to ease my stress level! But let me tell you that already there are so many fabulous tried and true ideas from moms themselves! And the bonus is that there's link with most all of them, so all you have to do it click! (and no, I don't get anything from this. I just want to help a fellow mama out!) And while you're there you can get some great ideas for your own holiday shopping too!

I'm planning on adding a MEN/DUDE list soon. So stay tuned for more ideas as the lists grow and please contribute so we can help each other out! If you have an idea for another list you'd like to see I'm all ears!

Thank you in advance for helping me out. For helping us all out!

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