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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Friday afternoons

We have a little tradition most Fridays at our house.
Now that summer is finally gone, and it took it's own sweet time leaving this year! It hung around through October this year! But finally it's gone, and we can enjoy the outdoors again. So on Fridays our family likes to sit outside as the sun sets, wave to our neighbors as they pass by, strike up a conversation with anyone that's taking a walk past our house, and let the kids ride their bikes in the street. Or skate boards. Or scooters. Or roller blades. Or kick the soccer ball. Or throw the baseball back and forth. Or practice cart wheels... You get the idea.
Ru has felt kinda left out on these occasions. Although he tried to convince us otherwise, his bike riding skills were nonexistent when he came home to us. His athletic skills in general were pretty non-existent. Muscle tone was weak. Balance isn't his thing. Coordination is a challenge. And to top it off he has no idea at all how to steer anything. So you can imagine that learning to ride a bike has been a challenge. Opening his eyes while trying would be a starter.
Livy has been Ru's head bike-riding teacher and coach. That's Livy #thebestbigsisterintheworld. She's made it her own personal mission to teach him how to ride, and they've been out at least 1/2 a dozen times in the last couple weeks. 
His skills are getting better. As is his balance. Not really the coordination or steering thing though. It has been a slow process that often ends on the pavement with with a skinned knee or elbow, and then we all run in to scoop him up and tell him how amazing he is, and assure him he'll get it next time.
But as you can see by the huge constant smile on his face, despite the skinned knees and elbows, he's more than happy to give it another quick try every time they go out. And then the lesson ends as quickly as begins and he's content to watch his brothers and sister ride their bikes.
I'd like to end this story by telling you that he figured it out by the end of this day. That there was a happy ending. But as you can probably see by the way things are going in this series of pics, I can't say that. It didn't. And there are no more pictures in this series because a 1/2 a second after I clicked this last frame, I needed to run over to him and scoop him off the sidewalk, tell him he's amazing and tend to his skinned knee.
He'll get it next time.

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  1. Oh so familiar. Same thing happened with our adopted granddaughter.....amazing at everything but the bike riding was a bust! She finally got it when she was 9 years old & only because of bribery & a whole lotta patience on the part of my older granddaughter who refused to give up on her. He'll get it & never look back. Tell Livy to hang in there!


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