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Friday, November 3, 2017

$20 well spent

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have (or maybe not due to Facebook's pesky algorithm) read my following post in early October...
I may have had a stroke of genius! I offered to to all our younger kiddos, that if any one would choose to dig through the closet and wear a costume from a previous year, I'd give them $5 to spend anyway they chose! Some jumped at the chance and others pondered it carefully. In the end I am out $20 and the stress of costume shopping! And the kids couldn't be happier! I'm feeling a bit guilty... but not that much. #momfail?
I posted this right after right I was starting to fully appreciate that I hadn't even started thinking about Halloween costumes for the kiddos.

Well, here they are! 
Ru's costume was Tess's last year. Tess's was Boo's many many years ago. Jude opted for his regular ol' baseball uniform. And Mimi put together some ensemble that that revolved around her beloved cat ears that she already wears every day. We needed to purchase Tess a hat for her firefighter. And Mimi really wanted a tail to go with her cat ears. And that's all we spent... well that and the $20 bribery.
The trick-o-treating was a huge success. Halloween rule #1 is that as soon as the candy bag is too heavy for the kiddos to carry, we head home. And at about 90 minutes later the kids kinda came to a joint consensus that they wanted to go home and start consuming their booty. 

Rule #2 at our house is that kids can consume as much candy as they want the night of Halloween, but after October 31st, all candy goes in a communal bowl that is shared with the family. The kiddos are then limited to 1 piece per day, (which they pack in their school lunch) and in about 1-2 weeks somehow all that candy disappears somewhere to never be found again. Sometimes we blame the dog. The dog doesn't seem to mind. 
There were no regrets from the kids at all in the recycling of the costumes. Most of them spent their $5 on a special souvenir when we were on our recent family road trip. In the end I think it worked out for everyone. I feel so so good about the funds that weren't spent and the kids really enjoyed the holiday. I'm not sure  that this negotiation is something we could do every year, but honestly with 20 years of Halloweens under our belt and a mama that's really bad of getting rid of stuff, we still have a lot of choices available for next year. So who knows!


  1. Fantastic idea about the costumes.

    As for the extra candy, several dentist offices here (NC) participate in a Halloween candy buyback~~the dental offices pay by the pound and send the candy to our troops stationed overseas. A win-win.

    1. Great idea re the candy. We have programs like that too. Actually the kid's school does it too. But really they like cancy and we never hardly ever have it at our house. Mostly becauze I LIKE CANDY and will eat it ALL if it's here in the house. So I like to treat the kids for a little while at least. And 1 piece a day isn't too bad. By the time the week is up there's usually not much anyone else would want. And candy is a HUGE deal with Ru and a way he feels special. I'm happy to give it to him.

  2. Great idea! Fabulous pics & especially love the ones of Ru.....precious expressions:)

  3. So smart! And, I love, love that last picture!!


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