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Monday, October 30, 2017

Zombie fun is support of a great cause!

For the last few years our family has participated is a "zombie walk" in support of hemophilia research and the Arizona Hemophilia Association. 
It takes place at night, because, duh... zombies are a night thing. So it's hard for me to bring my camera, 'cause 1-zombies hardly ever carry their big-girl camera around with them. And 2-it's dark, and pics are hard to take in the dark. That whole photos-need-light-to-happen thing is really hindering. 
But I did take my camera and there were a LOT of miserable fails. But I am so glad I did take it because it was a fun event for us and we had some wonderful family fun that I was able to capture!
Livy was in charge of... well all of it. Because frankly I'm busy shuttling small people to and from activities and making food and such. Really, you all need a Livy in your family! For the last couple weeks she's been getting flannels from Goodwill and deconstructing them. Cause I've been told zombies like flannel. Then she also did all our hair and make up too. Really, we are the luckiest ever to have her do this for
And at one point I was even able to hand off the camera to Tess *gulp* and she was able to take some pics with me in them! Which is a point scored for Operation get in front of the lens more often!
So maybe you're scratching your head about taking Ru to this event. We really considered it, and we decided to talk with him about it and why we do it. And really, this may be hard to believe but this event really is a family event. There's a band and dancing and hot dogs and games for the kids with lots of families there. It's a fund/awareness raiser after all for special needs, and special needs is something we really get around here. Ru seemed to really get all that and still wanted to go. The whole Halloween is part scary, is a talk we'd already had with him (all of them really) since there's no getting around it in our culture. But in the end he wanted to go and we decided that if he wanted to leave at any time we would, but he didn't and we all had a great time pretending.
Happy Halloween, all!

I hope you're little princesses, superheroes and even a zombie or 2 get lots of candy! To which I let them eat as much as they want on that first night! After 10/31 the candy is limited to 1 piece a day (usually packed in their school lunch) until sometime in week 2 when it strangely disappears... and we'll blame the dog for that one.


  1. Great pics, make-up, costumes & great you have Livy to co-ordinate all the costumes & make up. She done good:)

  2. Looks like fun, and waaaay better than trick or treating! I would LOVE to have something like this in our area to participate in. Alas, we live in minneSNOWta, and I don't think zombies wear parkas, warm furry hats, and mukluks! LOL

    1. This is one of the advantages to living in the desert. Actually it was a little warm under that flannel shirt! You never know about zombies though. As long as you're willing to tear holes and soak the parkas and mukluks with blood I think you'd be good to go!


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