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Monday, October 16, 2017

No, serioulsy, when?

They are 10.
They are 10 years old! And I think what kills me the most is I looked at these photos and they look like they've matured. Like they are grown up. Like suddenly they are every part of 10 years old.

And I cannot believe they are freaking 10 year old!
 Cliche cliche... When did that happen? I blinked! Someone make it stop!  ...Cliche Cliche
Wasn't it just yesterday that she was Fire Dog and he had a goose egg on his forehead almost all the time! But I think I honest to goodness blinked and almost a decade passed and they grew up to the amazing 10 year olds that they are! So different. So independent. So not my babies any more. 
And seriously, When did that happen?!


  1. I so know how you feel🙄 My granddaughter is 10 years old & is so "grownup" it's like where did she come from😜 Don't blink your eyes

  2. You are funny! And your two are growing up beautifully! But I do feel your pain. It does happen quickly. My VN daughter turned 10 in this year. I got very used to seeing her look like a little girl, my saying was "she keeps growing up not out, last year's dresses are this year's shirts." Then she blew me away, major growth spurt, face changing, filling out everywhere...I mean What?! Last time I felt like this she was 5 and I was mourning babyhood, now she's 10 and I can see the teenager in her future. I treasure the moments, love that she'll wear cat ear & unicorn headbands to school & is obsessed with a thousand ways to make slime. Glimpses of her sweet childhood I cherish.


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