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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Let the journey be the destination

Forgive the late pics of the recent roadtrip, but I gotta get our time documented.

You know one thing that really made the whole road trip with kids thing work? LOTS of breaks from riding in the car. Some of the breaks were planned and other weren't. Some, like this one, we were doing 60 down the road and saw a sign and decided to stretch our legs a little.

This is La Ventana Natural Arch: El Malpais National Monument, really how crazy awesome is it that we didn't just go flying by at 60mph! 
The kids see mama snapping pics and of course our little budding photographers need to snap some of their own with their tablets! 
And one of us may have been a little bit grumpy with all that driving and all.
And this last pic is another one for the I shot this from out the car window doing 60mph series. 
I will say, along with a lot of other stuff, New Mexico does have the most amazing skies! 

Notes to self... 
Stop more often during road trips. 
Don't be in such a hurry to get there. 
Let the journey be the destination. 


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