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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

It's official! I'm finally a soccer mom!

8 children and 112 cumulative years of parenting, I am now officially a literal soccer mom!
Up until now, none of our kiddos have had much of an interest in soccer. Gotta love Tess for being one of our out-of-the box children and breaking with the baseball/soft ball tradition!
Despite the fact that it was 97 degrees in the shade and I was in the sun sweating like a pig that knows he's for dinner, we loved cheering her on! My amazing girl in her shorts that were way too big and untied shoe laces, kept looking over at me just to see if I was watching her. Yes, my sweet girl, I'm watching and you are ROCKIN' it! 
And you gotta give it up for a girl that's not only on a co-ed team, but is playing with kids that are much bigger than she is. What she lacks in size she more than makes up with enthusiasm and what Papa calls a motor that loves to go!
And she even knows how to pose for a picture for her mama as she runs by in the middle of the game! 
It was hot and sweaty, we didn't have enough water, nobody thought to bring an umbrella, and despite it all is was just so wonderful to see Tess spread her wings and learn something new, something just for her, which can be a treasure of a thing to find when you live in a large family. I don't know how long she'll have this enthusiasm for soccer, but for right now she was smiling the whole way through it. And I can't help but smile back!
And it should cool off in the next few weeks, so that'll help... eventually.


  1. Enjoyed viewing the photos of Tess in her soccer glory~~she is LOVING the game! Small but mighty. And the "thumbs up" photo~that photo says it all.

  2. Great action shots! She is just loving every minute......the smile says it all!

    1. She really did! She was just so proud to be there, and I was too! thank you!


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