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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Children of the corn

It's a part of childhood, right? 
The pre-Halloween corn maze! 
My friend, Stephanie and our families, I visited this wonderful little farm that had a corn maze. This one was 2.1 miles long, (on the most direct route that is. And seriously, who really expects folks to follow the most direct route?! That's the whole point of a corn maze, right? To get lost? To struggle and burn calories! And that we did very well and surely racked up more than 2.1 miles!) and in the hot mid-day sun. And we did every single step of those 2.1 kilometers + the extra ones for backtrack and getting out of a dead ends... chasing our cumulative 8 children around the maze, losing some of them more often than we'd like to admit, simultaneously parenting through some melt downs (both from the children and the parents) 
Ru was pretty sure this corn maze stuff was the best thing EVER! It involves competition and going as fast as one can possibly go so what's not to love! Leaves me wondering if he thinks this is something we're going to do all the time... like every weekend?
Smart Daddy holding hands with kids that don't get lost.
This is what photographers do to each other in a corn maze. They take photos of each other... while the kids get lost.
Kids are ridiculously fast in a corn maze! Go figure.
Nancy, I thought you had the kids!
No, no, Stephanie, I thought YOU had the kids! I wonder where those kids are! 
Truth be told, I've never actually finished a corn maze before. Usually I'm about 1/3 of the way through and cut through the rows to find a way out. Hollering above the stalks to the kids to come find me when I'm done. Yep, Mom of the year right there!
But now, in hindsight, I'm wondering why. It was a wonderful fun for us all!


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